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Customizable Arc Flash Labels

Create Arc Flash Labels with eLabel Maker

ETAP arc flash analysis software has a wide variety of professional quality arc flash hazard safety labels, which can be output in any language using the eLabel Maker. Arc flash safety analysis software automatically batch prints arc flash labels based on highest arc flash energy from all operating modes of the electrical power system network.
The ETAP eLabel Maker creates and prints custom arc flash safety labels for different arc flash standards, safety requirements, formats, and languages.

  • Default labels are localized for each ETAP language release
  • Print arc flash safety labels in assorted sizes (4"x6", 4"x4", 3"x3")
  • Output to label printing systems such as Brady Label or DuraLabel Pro printers
  • Use Avery Permanent Durable ID templates
  • Hundreds of customizable arc flash label templates available
  • Graphical tool for creating arc flash label templates
  • Label enhancements based on NFPA 70E 2021, CSA Z462 2018, ANSI 535.5
  • Multiple labels per page
  • Labels with maintenance mode on/off
  • Includes QR codes

Generate & Print Arc Flash Labels with elabel Maker

Arc Flash Custom Labels
Customize & Link Arc Flash Labels Using Microsoft Word

Generate and Customize AC & DC Arc Flash Labels

Many labels need to be customized according to different regulations or preferences (i.e., CSA Z462, NFPA 70E, NEC, ANSI Z535). ETAP arc flash hazard evaluation software brings the capability to create and print custom arc flash safety labels based on different arc flash standards and safety requirements.

Custom arc flash label templates can be generated using ETAP eLabelMakerTM with results from the arc flash calculation. Utilizing eLabelMaker allows you to have greater flexibility in customizing arc flash labels for your facility in compliance with arc flash safety standards.


Create fully customizable Arc Flash Hazard Labels in any language for any standard with ETAP eLabelMaker™

35:14 Webinars  
ETAP Arc Flash Analysis software includes a variety of arc flash hazard safety labels in multiple languages. This webinar will demonstrate the new eLabelMaker™ features, such as two-incident energy result labels, QR codes, and fully customizable label. Create arc flash labels in any language even without having access to specific ETAP Language Editions. Existing arc flash labels are still available with every release, but in addition, the eLabelMaker™ allows the user to create any type of label, depending on the specific needs or regional standard requirements.