Limiting Incident Energy Exposure with ArcBlok™

ArcBlok™ Energy Reducing Line Side Isolation

ArcBlok™ Energy Reducing Line Side Isolation

Safeguard workers and elevate Arc Flash Hazard Analysis to new heights with ArcBlok & ETAP

Typically the highest incident energy exposure in equipment is associated with Line-Side arcing faults. ETAP has the ability to model various mitigation technologies for these locations and now has incorporated the modeling of Energy-Reducing Line Side Isolation. This new option allows the Digital Twin modeling of  Schneider electric ArcBlok™ which limits the incident energy exposure for line side arcing faults. 

  • Reduce Likeliness of Line Side Arcing Faults
  • Improve Safety 
  • Minimize Equipment Damage

Key Features

  • Automatic check for valid ArcBlok application.
  • Minimal data entry required to model via the enclosure editor.
  • Globally enable/disable consideration for Energy-reducing line isolation equipment via Arc-Flash study case.
  • ArcBlok graphical symbols allow easy identification of where the mitigation technology is applied.
  • Easily report locations applying the mitigation technology using the enclosure editor, datablocks and the Arc-Flash Result Analyzer.
  • Label equipment with manufacturer specific incident energy


How to safeguard workers and elevate Arc Flash Hazard Analysis to new heights with ArcBlok™ and ETAP

How to safeguard workers and elevate Arc Flash Hazard Analysis to new heights with ArcBlok™ and ETAP

When it comes to running an arc flash hazard analysis study, it's crucial to identify equipment that may expose workers to high incident energy. One of the most hazardous areas is where line side arcing faults can occur. To address this challenge, Annex 0.2.3 of the 70E 2021 standard outlines various industry-accepted incident energy mitigation techniques. However, not all methods effectively tackle line side arcing faults. During the demonstration, you will acquire valuable knowledge on NFPA 70E  endorsed mitigation techniques as well as details on ETAP modeling of the ArcBlok technology.


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