DGUV-I 203-077 Arc Energy Analysis

DGUV-I 203-077 Arc Energy Analysis

DGUV-I 203-077 Arc Energy Analysis

The new DGUV-I 203-077 2021 supersedes its 2012 predecessor. This methodology is used in several EU countries to comply with their regional electrical safety regulations. The development of this new edition of the standard has taken almost a decade of work and provides a guide for the determination of the arc energy in case of an arc event and a guide to the selection of the corresponding Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the electrical personnel.

ETAP provides an integrated tool which allows for faster and easier determination of arc energy and PPE selection evaluation. Additionally, generation of deliverables is a key feature available for the labeling of the equipment in the field.


Key Features

  • Powerful graphical tool for rapid assessment of multiples or batches of ‘what if’ scenarios.
  • Supported methods for the arc energy calculations:
    • DGUV-I 203-077 (Worst-Case).
    • Precise method (Schau, H.; Halinka, A.)
  • Considers the arc characteristics such as arc voltage and resistance.
  • Considers the effect of the asymmetrical component of the fault current.
  • Thermal reflectivity factor impact on energy levels supported by PPE.
  • Electrode material effect.
  • Flexibility for calculations on 3-phase and 1-phase equipment.
  • Both AC and DC methodologies are supported as per standard recommendations.
  • Graphical representation of the results for dynamic risk assessment.
  • Built-in typical data for common equipment types as per standard.
  • Supports arc protection level of PPE as per standards:
    • VDE 0682-306-1-2
    • IEC 61482-1-2

Deliverables Generation

  • Arc Flash warning labels generation for multiple fault locations without building one-line diagrams.
  • Import/Export capabilities from third-party databases.
  • Results report in tabulated format for easier visualization.
  • Batch process capability to perform calculations for hundreds of fault locations simultaneously.


Arc Flash Safety European/German Standard DGUV-I 203-077 Arc Flash Hazard Calculations in ETAP

Arc Flash Safety European/German Standard DGUV-I 203-077 Arc Flash Hazard Calculations in ETAP

This webinar presents the European/German standard DGUV-I 203-077 for arc flash hazard calculations. This method, just like IEEE 1584-2018, is in use in many European countries. We will compare the German Arc Flash methodology to IEEE 1584-2018 and introduce ETAP tools available for Arc Flash calculations based on this standard. Application examples as well as features & capabilities will be presented.


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