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Digital Twin Platform
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New Integrated Analysis Modules
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Automation & Operations Solutions

Advanced Renewable
Energy Modeling

Safety Compliance
& Standards

Leading-Edge Model-Driven
Real-Time Network Management

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1,000's of Enhancements
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Empowers you to
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power system to operate:


Make all the right moves to improve safety


Maximize power system reliability


Boost operational efficiency


Simplify & maintain regulatory compliance


Fast & accurate integration of renewables in new energy landscapes

What's New in 22

Design Solutions

AC Arc Flash

AC Arc Flash

  • Reduce Risk, Improve Safety & Enforce Compliance
  • Shock Risk Assessment
    Electrical Worker Safety Standards


Generate & Customize AC & DC Arc Flash Labels

Lightning Risk Assessment

Raise Protection from Lightning Exposure to New Heights​



Automated Grid Code Compliance & Connection Request Assessment

Intelligent Controllers

Intelligent Controllers

Model, Simulate & Analyze Digital Twin Controllers​

Smart Inverter

Smart Inverter

Ensure Grid Code Compliance & Stability with Smart Inverter Modeling & Simulation

Time Domain Load Flow

Time Domain Power Flow

Automatically & Sequentially Vary Load and Generation to Solve Steady-State Power Flows Over Time

Unbalanced Load Flow

Unbalanced Load Flow

Industry-Leading Power Flow Analysis Solution​ with Proven, Accurate, and Reliable Results​

Unbalanced Network Short Circuit

Unbalanced Network Short Circuit

Device Duty Calculation & Evaluation ​for Multi-Phase, Single-Phase, AC & DC Systems​

Harmonic Analysis

Harmonic Analysis

Comprehensive Load Flow & Frequency Scan



Evaluate Flicker Compliance against
Emission Limits

Star™ Protection & Selectivity

Star™ Protection & Selectivity

Perform Protection & Coordination Studies and Verify the Operation and Selectivity of Protective Devices for Various Fault Types.

StarZ™ Distance Protection

StarZ™ Distance Protection

Gain Insight into Line Protection, Relay Performance & Evaluate System-Wide Protective Device Operation



  • Transient Stability
  • eMTCoSim™
  • User-Defined Dynamic Models™
Power System Optimization

Power System Optimization

  • Switching Sequence Management
  • Switching Optimization
  • Volt/Var Optimization
  • Fault Management & Service Restoration
iSLD - Intelligent One-Line Diagram

iSLD™ - Intelligent One-Line Diagram

  • Result Animation​
  • AutoComplete™​
  • Network Manager​
  • Equipment Resizing​
  • Composite Networks​
  • Create & Expand Composite Networks​
  • Hide & Show Elements​
Cable Systems

Cable Systems

Optimize Cable Size for Phase & Ground Conductors


  • Railway System Solution
  • Design, Analyze, Manage
  • Railway Infrastructure
Digital Twin Elements

Digital Twin Elements

  • Enhanced Controller to Include Inverter Dynamics
  • Transformer Grounding Impedance for 2-W, 3-W, and Zigzag Grounding Transformers


Scripting & Study Automation using Python™



ETAP RESTful API for Interoperability



  • SKM Import
  • EasyPower® / ESA® Import 
  • Power Analytics® / EDSA® Import 
  • Common Information Model (CIM) Import
  • AutoCAD® DWG™ Exchange
Improved Compatibility & Security Compliances

Improved Compatibility & Security Compliances

  • Updated Equipment Editors
  • Improved High-Resolution Display Support
  • More Responsive and Performance Improvements Throughout
  • Username & Access Role Display on the Application Title
  • Copy Textbox to Clipboard for Other Applications
Equipment & Protective Devices Libraries

Verified & Validated Equipment & Protective Devices Libraries

Digital Twin Elements for Modeling Network Protection

Operation & Automation Solutions


eOTS™ – Operator Training Simulator

  • Instructor & Trainees System with Dynamic Power System Response

eSI™ – Situational Intelligence

Continuous Validation of Operation Actions & State 


FLISR™ – Fault Location, Isolation & Service Restoration


AFAS™ – Automated Fault Analysis System


eAPM™ – Asset Management & Maintenance

Integrated Asset & Maintenance Management

etap ADMS

etap ADMS

  • Volt-Var Optimization
  • Outage Management


  • Electrical System Control and Data Acquisition
  • Electrical Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
etap DERMS

etap DERMS

Distributed Energy Resource Management System



Microgrid Controller Hardware



  • Intelligent Renewable & Hybrid
  • Power Plant Supervisory Controller

Cloud & Mobile Solutions



  • ETAP License Manager
  • Mobile Field Data Collection & Synchronization (etapAPP)
  • Network Project Management (NetPM)
  • ETAP Real-Time eSCADA HMI Viewer
  • ETAP Real-Time eWeb Browser Based Dashboards


Browser-Based Simulation, Monitoring & Reporting 

etapAPP™ 7.0

etapAPP™ 7.0

Speed Context - Totality - Simultaneous

Learn about ETAP Automated Fault Analysis Software

27:31 Webinars  
ETAP Automated Fault Analysis System (AFAS) solution provides Real-Time and advanced analytics of electrical faults for your complex networks. Using the ETAP digital twin combined with disturbance records, engineers and operators have a clear forensic picture of any electrical fault in the network. Using proven ETAP analysis solvers, AFAS identifies faults, including fault type, start time, protection trip time, fault magnitudes, and fault distance/impedances. A novel signal injection features allow users to playback recorded data into the protection model to compare "as designed" vs. "as found" relay response. This comparison using ETAP electrical digital twin is used to validate system response per the configured protection scheme, and the sequence of operation was followed within expected time durations.

Learn how the ETAP FlickerMeter Calculator improves power quality

36:16 Webinars  
FlickerMeter is part of the Power Quality applications in ETAP. FlickerMeter allows importing CSV-formatted data files and analyzes up to 20 signals at each run, to evaluate flicker compliance against emission limits. Flicker calculations comply with IEC 61000-4-15 which is the standard for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and the calculation provides instantaneous, short-term (PST), and long-term (PLT) flicker indices based on a voltage waveform loaded into the calculator.

Unbalanced Network Harmonic Analysis: Power System Infrastructure Challenges & Active Filter Technology

31:55 Webinars  
The integration of electric vehicles (EVs), PV systems, battery energy storage systems (BESS), and more has presented us with exciting opportunities and challenges. One such challenge is the need for unbalanced network harmonic analysis, especially when dealing with single-phase charging vehicles and inverter controls.

How to Visualize ZSI Schemes in ETAP: Enhancing Safety and Arc Flash Mitigation Techniques

23:17 Webinars  
Discover how this powerful simulation tool evaluates, verifies, and confirms the operation and selectivity of the ZSI scheme for different types of faults. The ZSI capabilities empower engineers and professionals like you to take control of electrical power system protection and analysis, enhance safety, minimize equipment damage, and validate arc flash mitigation techniques and scenarios.

Understanding Arc-Flash Calculations: Overcoming Challenges of Short-Circuit Standards

35:07 Webinars  
Are you curious about the limitations of short-circuit standards and their inadequacy in addressing arc-flash incident energy calculations? In this presentation, we will review the challenges posed by these standards with an emphasis on IEC 60909-2016 and provide you with an explanation of ETAP arc-flash solutions to these limitations.

How to safeguard workers and elevate Arc Flash Hazard Analysis to new heights with ArcBlok™ and ETAP

32:31 Webinars  
When it comes to running an arc flash hazard analysis study, it's crucial to identify equipment that may expose workers to high incident energy. One of the most hazardous areas is where line side arcing faults can occur. To address this challenge, Annex 0.2.3 of the 70E 2021 standard outlines various industry-accepted incident energy mitigation techniques. However, not all methods effectively tackle line side arcing faults. During the demonstration, you will acquire valuable knowledge on NFPA 70E  endorsed mitigation techniques as well as details on ETAP modeling of the ArcBlok technology.

What's New in ETAP 2023 - Introduction to New Product Modules & Enhancements

1:00:11 Webinars  
ETAP 2023 version 22.5 offers innovative solutions and features with numerous enhancements and time-saving improvements, empowering ETAP customers with technology and best practices to be safer, more reliable, efficient, compliant, and sustainable.

ETAP 22 - Release Highlights - Sustainability through Continuous Intelligence

1:05:32 Webinars  
ETAP 22 is released and available for download! The Electrical Digital Twin solution helps you design, operate, and automate safe, reliable, resilient, and compliant power systems - even more efficiently & collaboratively than before, on a single platform, facilitating fully integrated lifecycle digitization.

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