Engineering Libraries

Engineering Libraries

Engineering Libraries

Verified & Validated Equipment & Protective Devices Libraries

ETAP Engineering Libraries includes an extensive set of equipment manufactures with thousands models with new entries added in every release.

Power System Engineering Libraries & Protective Device Models
  • Network Equipment Libraries
  • Protection Libraries
  • Warehouse - Project Specific Libraries

ETAP Engineering Libraries are compiled based on the latest available standards and equipment data.  Every ETAP Engineering Library releases goes through a Verification & Validation process to ensure and verify the technical accuracy are based on the equipment manufacturers’ publications.


Features & Capabilities

  • ANSI & IEC Standards
  • Verified & Validated library data
  • Legacy as well as state-of-the-art models
  • Quick-pick with sorting & filtering
  • Manage access levels & track changes
  • Fast & simple creation of user-defined models
  • Addition & update of models with every release
  • Technical support for new model additions
  • Available for download from ETAP Help Center™
PV Array & Solar Panel Design and Sizing

Equipment Libraries

  • Cable
  • Cable fire coating protection
  • Cable fire stop protection
  • Cable fire wrap protection
  • Transmission Line
  • Line Ground Conductor
  • Wind Turbine Generator
  • Solar / Photovoltaic Array
  • Distribution Transformer
  • Motor Nameplate
  • Motor CKT Model
  • Motor Characteristic Model
  • Motor Load Model
  • Variable Speed Drive models (Harmonic)
  • Sector & Profile
  • Interruption Cost
  • Reliability
  • Train Rolling Stock
  • Battery (Lead Acid & Li-Ion)
  • Control Contact
  • Control Relay
  • Control Solenoid
Cable LibraryHarmonics Source Library

Protective Device Libraries

  • Fuse
  • Overcurrent Relay
    (OCR, OLR, DIF, DIR, VC, VR)
  • Differential Relay CT Inputs (Increased) 
  • Distance Relay
  • Recloser Hydraulic
  • Recloser Electronic Controller
  • MV & HV Circuit Breaker
    (incl. generator breaker based on IEC/IEEE 62271-37-013 Std.)
  • LV Circuit Breaker
    • Expanded short circuit ratings
    • Slash Rating for ANSI molded case breakers
    • Individual-Pole Interrupting Rating for ANSI & IEC
    • Display of ZSI availability in Quick Pick
  • Solid State Trip
  • Thermal Magnetic
  • Electro-Magnetic
  • Motor Circuit Protector
  • Overload Heater
  • GFI / RCD
Protective Devices – Fuse LibraryHigh Voltage Circuit Breaker Library

Equipment Warehouse

Warehouse is a collection of items that have direct reference to project specific Library.
The Equipment Warehouse can be sub-selection of ETAP Equipment Libraries with the flexibility to manage and access vendor-specific devices and user-definable equipment library picks.

Engineering Equipment Library & Warehouse

ETAP Library Entries & File Management

  • Add, Copy, & Delete models / sizes
  • Smart Merge of models / sizes
  • Create, Save, Save As, Copy, Merge, Purge library files
  • Save project specific models in separate library file
  • Track & check changes in library files
ETAP Engineering Equipment Library



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