Engineering Libraries

ETAP Engineering Libraries come with thousands of models and new models are added and updated with every release. The libraries are verified and validated based on the latest equipment data published by manufacturers. Nuclear industry quality control and standards are applied to all libraries and provide users with accurate analysis and calculation results for power system projects.

PV Array Editor
  • Access level and track changes capabilities
  • Comprehensive library with thousands of engineering models
  • Add, copy, merge, & delete capabilities
  • Fast and simple creation of user-defined models
  • Thousands of low voltage breakers with ZSI
  • Expanded photovoltaic library with hundreds of manufacturers and over 17,000 models


Equipment Libraries

  • Cable
  • Cable fire coating protection
  • Cable fire stop protection
  • Cable fire wrap protection
  • Transmission Line
  • Line Ground Conductor
  • Wind Turbine Generator
  • Photovoltaic Array
  • Distribution Transformer
  • Motor Nameplate
  • Motor CKT Model
  • Motor Characteristic Model
  • Motor Load Model
  • Harmonic
  • Sector & Profile
  • Interruption Cost
  • Reliability
  • Train Rolling Stock
  • Battery (Lead Acid & Li-Ion)
  • Control Contact
  • Control Relay
  • Control Solenoid

    Protective Device Libraries

    • ANSI and IEC devices
    • Verified & Validated (V&V) library data
    • Device Types:
      • Fuse
      • Overcurrent Relay (OCR, OLR, DIF, DIR, VC, VR)
      • Distance Relay
      • Recloser Hydraulic
      • Recloser Electronic Controller
      • HV Circuit Breaker
      • LV Circuit Breaker
      • Solid State Trip
      • Thermal Magnetic
      • Electro-Magnetic
      • Motor Circuit Protector
      • Overload Heater
      • GFI / RCD

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