Scripting & Study Automation using Python™

etapPy™ Python Scripting

ETAP-Python API & IDE - Create & Execute Python Scripts

Increased Productivity with Scripting & Program Automation in Python™

Python scripting is integrated into the ETAP power system analysis software to provide automation and extend reporting and plotting capabilities.


Efficiently perform batch analysis, automate running studies, retrieve project information, and create customized plots through Python’s built-in Integrated Development and Learning Environment (IDLE).

  • Integration of ETAP & Python Scripting
  • etapPy offers continuously-evolving modules designed for study automation and reporting.
  • Custom plots and reports can be produced from automated study results

Key Features

  • Python API to allow running batch studies
  • Study automation considers revisions, configurations, study cases and more
  • Supported studies:
    • Unbalanced Load Flow
    • Load Flow
    • Transient Stability
    • Motor Starting
    • Time Domain Unbalanced Load Flow
  • Use the built-in Python IDE that ships with ETAP or use the IDE of your choice such as Visual Studio and PyCharm.
  • Scripts execute against ETAP instances running on local or remote machines
  • Parallelize simulations over multiple ETAP machines on the same network
  • Reporting scripts use pre-defined Excel template files to arrange data for supported modules:
    • Voltage Stability
    • Time Domain Unified Power Flow
    • Train – eTraX
    • GridCode - Harmonics



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