Distribution Management System

Distribution Management System

Advanced power applications within the ADMS solution
ETAP Distribution Management System (DMS) is an intelligent geospatial (GIS) based distribution network solution that proactively reduces peak demand, optimizes network assets, while assisting distribution networks deliver electricity more efficiently, reliably, securely, and economically.

Key Features

    Distribution Management System software is built on existing and proven ETAP Real-Time™ solution and integrates with GIS, eSCADA, OMS and other applications such as Automated Meter Reading (AMR), and Customer Information Systems (CIS).

    As part of the Smart Grid Solution, ETAP Distribution Management System provides the necessary mission critical applications for managing, controlling, visualizing, optimizing and automating distribution networks from state-wide to city-wide power distribution networks as well as Microgrid applications for industrial/commercial facilities. 

    ETAP Distribution Management System integrates into your existing system and ‘mines’ the data layer such that information pertinent to your tasks is quickly calculated and summarized in order to make informed operating and business decisions.

    DMS and DNA provides advanced decision support capabilities for safe and reliable operation of the distribution network.



    ETAP ADMS™ - Advanced Distribution  Management System

    ETAP ADMS™ - Advanced Distribution Management System

    ETAP Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) Overview

    Grid Modernization Redefined.
    Integrated Distribution Planning, eSCADA, DMS & OMS Solution

    ETAP Solutions for Distribution Systems

    ETAP Solutions for Distribution Systems

    ETAP Solutions for Distribution Systems Solutions offer integrated distribution network analysis, system planning, and operations on a progressive geospatial platform for simulating, operating, and optimizing the performance of Smart Grids.

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