Switching order management

Switching Order Management

Switching Order Management System

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The ETAP Switching Order Management (SOM) enables power system dispatchers, operators and managers to request, assign, track, and log switching work orders. Using HTML5 Based technology with communication with mobile apps, the ETAP SOM connects the maintenance and outage response crews with the control center for complete management of scheduled activities in the field.

Swtiching Order Request Key Features

  • Flexible and configurable approval work flows
  • Integrated with Area of Responsibility and User Access Management
  • Scheduled and non-scheduled work order workflows
  • HTML5 based tracking dashboard
  • Crew Assignment
  • Email, SMS, and Visual notifications
  • Integrates with
    • Switching Sequence Validation
    • Outage Management Dashboards
    • Mobile Work Force Management
    • Fault Management
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ETAP SOM Capabilities

  • Approval status tracking with notifications
  • Estimate execution time
  • Assign automatically generated switching sequences for
    • System Isolation
    • Partial and Full Restoration
    • Load Curtailment
    • Load Transfer
  • Automatically transfer scheduled outages to Outage Management System
  • Operator \ dispatcher authorization management for starting \ closing switching execution
  • Automatically tag in service equipment and inhibit control on SCADA system
  • Non-scheduled work assignments
  • Interlock switching orders
  • Assign crews based on area or responsibility
  • Track step by step execution of switching sequences
  • Review switching procedures with alert reports



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