Volt/VAR Optimization

Volt/VAR Optimization (VVO)

Volt/VAR Optimization (VVO) & Conservative Voltage Reduction (CVR)

Minimize VAR Losses and Improve Distribution Grid Efficiency
Volt/VAR Optimization (VVO) optimally manages system-wide voltage levels and reactive power flow to achieve efficient distribution grid operation.  VVO assists distribution operators reduce system losses, peak demand or energy consumption using Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) techniques.
IVVOC application

Volt/VAR Optimization & Control is an advanced function that determines the best set of control actions for all voltage regulating devices and Var control devices to achieve a one or more specified operating objectives without violating any of the fundamental operating constraints (high/low voltage limits, load limits, etc.).

Volt/VAR Optimization includes Conservative Voltage Reduction (CVR) function that is used to calculate and maintain acceptable voltage (e.g. 120 V +/- 5%) at the service entrance of all customers served by the feeder under all possible operating conditions. CVR is used to flatten voltage profiles and lower overall system voltage while staying within the specified ANSI or IEC voltage limits. Overall system demand can be reduced by a factor of 0.7-1.0% for every 1% reduction in voltage. From a consumers perspective, this reduces the energy they consume. From a utility perspective it reduces the amount of power they need to generate or purchase from a generator. 

Volt/Var Optimization & Control Key Features & Capabilities

  • Maximize voltage & flow security indices
  • Minimal reactive power losses & electrical demand via CVR
  • Optimizes power factor for the entire substation or individual feeders
  • Alert visualization on GIS Diagram
  • Based on time-of-day, static load profile, or averaged load
  • Control generator and inverter reactive power setpoints
  • Control capacitor bank or Static Var Compensator (SVC) setpoints
  • Adjust switched capacitors within the specified limits
  • Enhanced modeling for switched capacitor banks & distribution transformers
  • Control voltage regulators (transformer tap positions) within the specified limits
  • On Peak & Off Peak substation optimization settings for large customer
  • Automatic Power Factor adjustment under light loads such as holidays and weekends
  • Feeder voltage protection via voltage limit constraints
Volt Var Optimization


  • Provides a higher level of visibility into system operating parameters and a greater degree of control to optimize energy efficient and reliable electricity delivery.
  • Assists in moving utilities move from 'flying blind' to operating with end-to-end instrumentation on feeders and automated optimization.
  • Assists in handling voltage volatility due to increasing penetration of intermittent renewable generation sources and increasing diversity and variability of loads.
  • Provides ability to optimize within operating parameters especially when running at the system capability limits.
  • Able to optimize power factor such that the utility has to generate less power to satisfy the demand of its customers. This further reduces environmental impact and CO2 footprint.


Distribution Automation with Model-Based Volt/Var Optimization (VVO)

Distribution Automation with Model-Based Volt/Var Optimization (VVO)

This webinar discusses industry challenges and benefits of a model-based VVO, including practical applications for electric distribution systems. Gain valuable insights and benefits from ETAP customers enjoying a proactive reduction in energy waste, reduced CO2 emissions, consumption reduction, and extended equipment lifetime.


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