Operation Monitor

Operation Monitor

Operation Monitor

Maintenance Scheduling Based on Asset Operation Monitor
Operations Monitoring tracks the number of operations made by every breaker, capacitor breaker, On-Load Tap Changer, Motorized Isolator, Load Break Switches, etc. that are being monitored by the system. 


Operation Monitor Key Features

  • Track the number of operations made by every distribution asset that is monitored by the eSCADA system
  • Monitor the life of equipment like power transformers, distribution transformers, RMUs, Load break switches, autoreclosers, sectionalizers, circuit breakers, isolators, current transformers, potential transformer, lighting arresters, etc. from the date of installations


  • Devices are identified by area of responsibility, substation, feeder, and device ID to provide the necessary information for condition-based maintenance of these devices
  • Information can be used to provide expected life of the equipment, & operation frequency of the equipment

Operation Monitor Features & Capabilities

  • Each monitored device is associated with a total operations and fault counter. Operation counter is incremented whenever the associated device changes state while the fault counter is incremented for un-commanded trip operations
  • Date and time of the last operation is saved for each device when one of the counters is incremented


  • Alarms are generated when counter exceeds its limits.
  • Resetting and inhibiting counters are permitted only for devices that belong to the areas of responsibility and the console is assigned to an appropriate mode of authority



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