Network Connectivity Analysis

Network Connectivity Analysis

Network Connectivity Analysis

Real-Time Network Connectivity Analysis
Smart Grid distribution management and distribution automation applications rely on an accurate model of the state of the network. Rather than each application determining the network state or network topology, the Real-Time Network Connectivity Analysis (NCA) calculates the real-time energization state to be used by all of the applications as well as by the user interface to colorize network maps based on various criteria.

Network Topology Processor

In order to estimate and analyze the state of the entire electrical network, a network topology must be available and kept up-to-date in real-time. Network Topology Processor continuously retains and updates electrical system topology such as branch impedances, loading, connectivity, breaker status, etc.

ETAP Network Topology Processor is the foundation for real-time applications like distribution state estimation. Network Topology Processor also provides dynamic analysis of the electrical topology of the system and reports overall conditions to the operator. Powerful displays provide quick indication of outaged customers and other abnormal network conditions.
Network Topology Processor

Network Connectivity Analysis Key Features

  • Dynamically updates the connectivity by adding the telemetered and manually updated state of the switching devices in the network in order to calculate the real-time ‘topology’
  • Maintain real-time network configuration based on the network connectivity model and dynamic switch statuses
  • Information concerning equipment out of service & de-energized equipment
  • Apply cuts and jumpers which represent temporary emergency network changes that affect connectivity and topology
  • Every system application dynamically adapts to the topology changes in real-time
  • Visual and modeled topology of energized and de-energized sections or areas of the distribution system for display and analytical purposes


  • Visualization such as colorization to distinguish devices that are supplied from different feeders
  • Visual indications to highlight all branch devices on the loop and alert the dispatcher
  • Feeder network with real-time switch status shows the current state of the feeder’s topology using theme based coloring
  • Reports & Displays
    • Abnormal switches
    • Deenergized network components
    • Presence of loops & parallels
    • Un-served/ disconnected loads (loads affected due to tripping of CBs)
    • List of temporary jumpers/cuts /grounds 

Network Tracing

ETAP Network Connectivity Analysis has the capabilities of network tracing when requested by the operator. Dedicated colors are used for feeder and circuit tracing and also when information available is not complete or inconsistent. The trace persists through subsequent display call-ups, until the operator explicitly removes it or requests another trace. In addition, the number of transformers and customers passed by the trace are shown.
  • Feeder tracing
  • Circuit tracing
  • Between Tracing
  • Downstream

Temporary Modifications

ETAP Network Connectivity Analysis allows temporary modifications at any point in the distribution network to change the network configuration, to isolate faults, restore services or perform maintenance. Summarized list includes jumpers, cuts and grounds that are currently applied. The function is performed by Network Connectivity Analysis and is implemented locally within the client software and has no effect on the operations model or other clients viewing the network.
  • Cuts
  • Jumpers
  • Temporary Grounds



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