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ETAP 19.5

The localization of ETAP 19.5 allows engineers and operators to design and operate their electrical power systems in the comfort of their own language.

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ETAP 19.5 release offers an impressive new set of integrated power analysis modules, electrical safety capabilities, and operational compliance solutions to serve the needs of generation, transmission, distribution, industrial, transportation, data centers, and low-voltage industries.


The new release includes the following Major Features & Capabilities plus hundreds of enhancements and time-saving improvements that are automatically added to the existing ETAP modules.


Voltage Stability

Improve system planning & long-term interoperability by accurately identifying the system maximum load carrying capacity & reactive power compensation requirements.

  • Voltage Stability Limits & Proximity
  • Simulate the Impact of Voltage Instability
  • Sensitivity Analysis & Instability Indices
  • Graphical Results & Plots
Grid Code Compliance

Grid Code Compliance

Fast & Automated Harmonic Compliance Studies

Quickly check & validate Grid Code compliance against industry & regional regulations.

  • Grid Impedance Locus
  • Perform LFRT & HFRT Dynamic Studies
  • Frequency Ride-Through Compliance Studies
Zone Selective Interlock

Improve safety & minimize equipment damage by validating Arc Flash mitigation techniques using Zone Selective Interlock (ZSI) schemes.

  • Intuitive & Graphical Zone Selective Interlocking
  • Simulate & Evaluate ZSI Performance for Various Fault Types
  • Detailed Modeling of CB ZSI & Manufacturer Specific Schemes
Arc Flash Energy Boundary Curves

Save time by quickly identifying optimal PD settings & equipment limits in one-step.

  • Graphically Evaluate Equipment Limits via Star TCC Views
  • Update Datablock from Result Analyzer
  • Enhanced Arc-Resistant Damage Point
IEC 61363 Device Duty Evaluation

Design safer offshore electrical networks & improve system reliability.

  • Device Duty using Total Bus Fault Current
  • Alert Visualization, Tabulation & Reports
  • Consider Generator Preload Condition
Transformer Inrush

Improve system protection & avoid possible misoperation.

  • Inrush Simulation using Magnetization Characteristics
  • Sympathetic Inrush - Single & Multi-Transformer
  • Verified & Validated Calculations
Advanced Fault Analysis System

Advanced Fault Analysis System

Accurate Fault Location & Outage Management

Operational & decision-support analysis software to accurately simulate fault transients of distribution systems to improve fault location accuracy.

  • Fault Information Retrieval – COMTRADE
  • Fault Type, Impedance & Location Identification
  • Phasor & Frequency Estimation
  • Graphical Visualization & Reporting


Centralized Web-Based Protection & Asset Management

Complete Asset & Protective Relay Settings Management Solution integrated with ETAP Star Protective Device Coordination (PDC) Software & Advanced Fault Analysis System.

  • Increased Data Quality & Access Management
  • Seamless Data Synchronization between Physical Relay & ETAP Star PDC 
  • Automatic Processing & Relay Setting File Generation


Operator Training Simulator

Improve & augment operator / dispatcher training through real-world experiential learning & evaluate contingency response for dynamic & steady-state scenarios.

  • ETAP-in-the-Loop System Simulation
  • Trainer-to-Trainees Environment with Ad Hoc & Pre-Defined Scenarios
  • Evaluation of Trainee Performance
Power Plant Controler

Power Plant Control 

Model-Driven Power Plant Controller

ETAP-in-the-Loop Situational Intelligence solution for all stages of the power system from design stage verification, system commission testing to operation validation in real-time. 

  • Intelligent Centralized Renewable Farm Control
  • Active Power, Reactive, Energy Storage Management
  • Design & Operate for Grid Code Compliance
  • Renewable Energy SCADA & Dashboards
Microgrid Control

Distributed control & energy technologies with integrated software to design, validate, monitor, predict, control & optimize energy supply & demand.

  • User-Friendly Control Designer
  • ETAP-in-the-loop Situational Intelligence
  • Control Validation via Real-Time Analysis
Volt/Var Optimization & Control

Intelligent Volt/Var optimization to reduce VAR losses & improve distribution grid efficiency.

  • Considers Capacitors, PV Inverters, Substation OLTC, Voltage Regulators
  • Real-Time Optimization & Energy Use Tracking
  • Graphical Visualization & Dashboards
Network Project Modeling & Management

Improve design quality & improve project efficiency using ETAP's latest version of NetPM - collaborative multi-user model creation, data collection & revision support, and validation platform.

  • Revision Data Synchronization
  • GIS Data Synchronization
  • Efficient Queue Management
etapAPP 3.0

Increase accessibility to ETAP projects for data collection & verification with updated version of  etapAPP™, a tablet application made for field engineers.

  • Geo-Tagging, Equipment Search, Full Screen Mode
  • Multiple Photos, Favorites, Photo Editing, Camera Roll
  • Support for Text Box, CT, Relay

Improve the reliability of new & existing rail traction power systems from conceptual design to network planning & expansion. The latest release includes new system components & enhanced GIS capabilities.

  • Static Var Systems: SVC, STATCOM, SVG
  • Train Coasting Markers
  • GIS Import, Higher Latitude GIS Projection

Intuitive & powerful operations solution for electrical power systems founded on an intelligent digital twin model with state-of-the-art user interfaces, expert predictive analysis, event playback, operational awareness & more.

  • PI® AF Interface
  • Alarm Management
  • Reporting Engine
  • HMI Visualization & BI Dashboards
  • Web Clients & Apps
  • Accelerated Communication Protocols
Autodesk Revit® Interface

Validate Revit Electrical BIM with ETAP using enhanced time-saving data exchange features & analysis capabilities.

  • Direct Two-Way Communication with Revit
  • Intelligent Default Auto Mapping & Interface
  • Export ETAP Simulation Results to Revit
  • Smart Connect: Revit Plug-in to ETAP - V 2.0 
Ground Grid Systems

Accurately & efficiently design and simulate small and very large grounding systems with various grounding mat geometry & sizes.

  • Multi-core Calculations to Speed-up Simulation
  • Analysis of Fragmented Earthing Mats
  • Handling of Very Large Grounding Systems
  • Soil Resistivity Calculator
Panel Systems

New graphical panel layout views & expanded load code factors including updated demand code calculations.

  • Enriched Graphical Panel Representation
  • User-Defined Load Code Factor Tables
  • Revit Load Code Factor Mapping & Conversion

Frequency dependent representation & harmonics calculations of long power cables used in various applications such as offshore / submarine feeders.

  • Frequency Dependent Cable Impedance
  • User-Defined Input Data via Excel
  • Harmonics Plot & Report
Renewable - DC Load Flow

Determine the capacity of small to large-scale PV farms & size the associated DC components under various operating scenarios as well as their impact on the connected grid.

  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Array
  • Battery Storage,  DC-DC Converter
  • Single & Multiple Grid Connected Inverters
  • Constant Power Load & Rectifier / UPS
Cable Sizing & Shock Protection

Fast & accurate sizing & electric shock protection evaluation per the latest French standard for low voltage power cables.

  • Complete Sizing & Electric Shock Protection
  • LV Underground & Aboveground Cable Sizing
  • Capacity Assessment & Overload Consideration

 Easily & automatically convert from & exchange data between third-party programs and ETAP.  

  • OpenStreetMap, Excel Import
  • Interface with OPAL-RT ePhasorSim
  • Latest Built-in Import Tools from CYME, EasyPower, SKM PowerTools, MATPOWER, RAW, SEQ, DYR
Engineering Libraries

Industry standard for the most comprehensive V&V engineering equipment libraries. The latest library updates are included with every release & available for download from ETAP HelpDesk.

  • Expanded Circuit Breaker Models with ZSI Settings
  • Updated Cable Libraries per Cable Regulation Types
  • New Protective Devices

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