Trouble Call Management

Trouble Call Management

Trouble Call Management System

Customer Trouble Call Logging & Management

Customer outage related trouble call management system summarizes all of the ticket information and primarily used by the operator or dispatcher to analyze the location of any ticket (prediction or confirmed outage) and to monitor the repair progress. 



Trouble Call Management Key Features

  • Trouble call summary display provides an itemized summary of all trouble calls on the system in whole or by area.
  • Integrates with outage prediction to analyze and locate device failure or outage zone. Outage prediction follows trouble calls or outage reports that are not telemetry-driven.
  • Automatically generate Trouble Calls and manage outages as either Predicted or as Outage (confirmed) outages.


  • Auto update of Trouble Call summary with predicted outage devices and other relevant data for comparison and monitoring purposes as soon as new or additional trouble calls are received 
  • Integration with eSCADA ensures that a predicted incident is not generated against a closed telemetered device with good measurement quality. Outage prediction continues searching upstream for non-telemetered device instead.

Trouble Call Management Capabilities

  • Switching devices operated by SCADA as a commanded change of state will generate an outage ticket which does not have to be confirmed by a crew.
  • Telemetered protective devices operate automatically on a fault condition when they are tripped by relay. In this condition, outage prediction will 'walk' downstream to predict incident downstream of tripped protective device.
  • If a telemetered protective device closes automatically, or under SCADA control, the system will close the outage ticket and commence with the call back process to inform the affected customers.
  • Trouble calls are organized into accounts and may be expanded by geographical, electrical or work areas:
    • Normal
    • Mission Critical
    • Premium / VIP
    • Medical, etc.
  •  eSCADA generated outages are logged as SCADA generated so as to differentiate them from trouble calls generated manually or by the prediction algorithm.
  • Customer-centric information organized and displayed both graphically and in tabular form by area in order to focus on premium or priority accounts.
  • User friendly table organizes the calls into the following basic ticket groups which are filtered by type based on the user’s area of responsibility:
    • Unassigned
    • Assigned
    • Incident
    • Trouble Calls
    • Outages
    • Completed Trouble Calls
    • Rejected
    • Closed



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