Web Clients & Mobile Views

Web Clients & Mobile Views

Web Clients & Mobile Views

The ETAP Web-Based Solution offers an extended thin-client web-based application that allows users to visualize, simulate, and manage their electrical systems remotely from the web.
ETAP Power Center Dashboard

This tool applies to Real-Time operations as well as analysis, and optimization. It provides the user with a remote platform for executing “what-if” scenarios on existing operating conditions and predicts system responses using ETAP analysis calculations. Users can monitor single or multiple systems from a single web page; No ETAP software installation is required at the client machines.


  • Predictive “What-if” Simulation using exiting operating conditions
  • Remote ETAP Scenario Execution
  • Review Results on the One-Line Diagrams & Reports
  • System Monitoring & KPI Views
  • Geographical Power Distribution Views
  • Alarms & Events
  • Load Shedding System Views
  • Generation Monitoring
  • Switching Sequence Management
  • Customizable User Interface & Reporting
  • Development Console
  • Safe and secured communication
  • User and machine access management
  • Rich Silverlight views
Geographical Power Distribution Views and Alarms

ETAP On The Go

Access design, analysis, and operational data from anywhere via the world-wide-web. The application is capable of connecting to a single or multiple ETAP Real-Time Servers and workstations. Online and simulation applications can be connected to user friendly web Human Machine Interfaces (HMI’s) to monitor and analyze the system on the go.

Web-Based Dashboard

Powerful Online Analysis Platform

Powerful Online Analysis PlatformThe analysis platform allows the user to apply the power of ETAP Power Simulation Software in the web, execute scenarios, perform load flows, motor starting, and short-circuit calculations. Operators can now easily create and perform “what-if” scenarios in addition to visualizing results and system responses.

Trending Chart

Online Data Visualization

Design and implement content-rich intelligent views and easily publish them to the web technology. The ETAP Web Designer comes with a library of components and symbols that allow the user to generate impressive HMIs. The visualization contains components such as gauges, trends, annotations and many other components for generating the powerful HMIs required for monitoring the electrical networks.

One-Line Diagram Import

The ETAP Web Designer allows for the easy transfer of the system model topology (ETAP One-Line Diagram) to Silverlight diagrams that are easily imported to the web HMIs which allow engineers and operators to monitor and visualize the electrical power network. This powerful tool, combined with the ETAP Web designer allows the user to customize and enhance their information visualization requirements.

One-line Nuclear System

Security & Data Ownership

The ETAP Web Clients is designed with authentication, authorization, encryption and data integrity via signatures which permit secure server-client conversations. The user can control who can access their data. Multiple layers of security protect the information from unauthorized access.

Portable Interface

ETAP Real-Time Web access is also available to the user conveniently. The user can access the interface and applications anywhere through the use of a tablet or smart phone.

ETAP Microgrid System



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