IEC 60502 Standard

IEC 60502

IEC 60502 Standard

The IEC 60502 standard applies to extruded insulation power cables rated from 1 kV to 30kV. This standard also applies to both underground and above ground applications.

Cable Raceway Installations

  • A/G Trays (perforated)
  • Ladder
  • U/G Duct
  • U/G Buried
IEC 60502 Cable Raceway Installation and Layout

Cable & Tray Layout

  • Flat layout – Touching or Spaced
  • Trefoil layout Touching or Spaced
  • Horizontal layout
  • Vertical layout
  • Number of Trays
  • Circuit Clearance
  •  Depth of Laying

Alert for Allowable Capacity

The alerts can be set based on the options listed below:

  • Calculated cable capacity
  • User-defined value
  • Thermal analysis results of underground raceway systems

Grouping Factors

The cable capacity simulation program for above ground (trays and ladder) and underground (duct and buried) calculates the current carrying capability of a cable based on number of circuits as limited based on the standard.

Soil Resistivity & Temperature Correction

The soil thermal resistivity is an important thermal parameter for underground installations. ETAP computes the cable capacity based on the ambient and conductor temperatures. In addition, the user can enter the actual operating temperature of the cable and the current carrying capability will be adjusted accordingly.



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