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Design, Planning & Operation of Rail Traction Systems

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eTraX™ software is a verified and validated railway solution for railway system owners, engineers, operators and consultants. Railway personnel leverage geospatial asset information to model, analyze, and simulate DC metro and AC rail systems.

The eTraX™ Digital Twin extends the analysis model to a traction SCADA system providing engineers and operators with a unified real time platform that enables model-driven predictive analytics, operator training simulation, energy accounting and asset performance monitoring.


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eTraX™ – Railway Systems

This webinar introduces ETAP eTraX™, integrated solution for design, planning and operation of Rail Traction Systems. eTraX is utilized by railway owners, operators and engineering consultants to analyze, evaluate and monitor innovations and technologies utilized to increase energy efficiency, optimize substation capacity and improve train performance.  
eTraX Rail

Rail - eTraX™

Introduction to ETAP eTraX™ for analysis and operation of Rail Traction Systems. Using advanced geospatial asset information, eTraX™ allows for the modeling, simulation, prediction and optimization of rail infrastructure.
Case Studies

Integrated System Modeling for Traction Power Systems

Network Rail owns and operates the main line railway infrastructure of Great Britain. Approximately half of the network is electrified, including a substantial DC electrified network in the South East, fed by a 33 kV HV three-phase network. Network Rail has transferred its standard system models for this HV network to ETAP. This presentation gives an overview of the use of ETAP for this system, and the challenges for the future.

eTraX™ - Railway Traction Power Solution

eTraX™ - Railway Traction Power Solution

ETAP Rail Traction Power software includes the most accurate, user-friendly and flexible software tools for analyzing and managing low and medium voltage AC & DC rail power systems.