ETAP 19 release delivers a brand new platform for team engineering and cloud-based collaboration - NetPM™, new Arc Flash IEEE-1584-2018 std., innovative analysis modules, data collection and data exchange interface tools with faster performance and improved graphics.

Highlighted Features & Capabilities

  • ArcFlash

    Arc Flash Analysis

    IEEE 1584-2018 Compliance


    Evaluate and comply with protection and safety regulations using latest arc flash mathematical models for designers and facility operators.

  • AF Calculator-1

    Arc Flash Calculators

    Powerful Graphical Calculators


    Quick results & rapid assessment of multiples or batches of “what if” scenarios based on IEEE 1584-2018, IEEE 1584-2002, BGI/GUV-I 5188, High Voltage Arc Flash and more.

  • ArcFault


    Medium & High Voltage Arc Flash


    Perform Arc Flash analysis on electrical transmission and distribution utilities, industrial and renewable power systems operating from 1 kV to 1000 kV using a single model in an integrated application in compliance with OSHA’s requirements.

  • NetPM

    NetPM™ - ETAP Network Project Modeling & Management

    Team Engineering & Cloud-Based Collaboration


    ETAP Project Management and Network Model Management platform through team collaboration. Save hundreds of work-hours by switching from sequential to parallel project execution, simultaneous multi-user model creation, data collection, and validation.

  • etapAPP


    Mobile Field Data Collection & Synchronization


    When you are in the middle of data collection, speed, context, totality and stability really matter. This update brings relays, composite networks, annotations, geolocation, and more for iOS and Windows platforms.

  • eTrax


    Railway Traction & Signaling Analysis


    Major enhancement to the train system modeling and simulation module including compliance with EN 50388, simulation of Automated People Mover (APM), and expanded grounding methods for track safety analysis. The newly integrated importing tools for existing geospatial land-based data significantly reduce engineering deployment time.

  • Ground Grid

    Ground Grid Analysis

    Soil Resistivity Calculator using Field Measurements


    Convert your field measurements into appropriate soil models using the ground resistivity calculator and perform safety assessment in an integrated application. Use industry standards and methods to deduce soil models for accurate and economic designs.

  • etap-ICE


    Intelligent Control Enterprise Hardware


    Programmable Control and Remote Terminal Unit hardware integrated with ETAP applications.

  • DataX


    Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) Interface - Beta version


    The most time consuming and critical aspect of HIL simulation is the virtual system model. Eliminate costly overhead by utilizing ETAP user-friendly interface for power system modeling. Simply export the ETAP model to HIL systems such as OPAL-RT ePHASORsim and simulate more.


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