GIS for Electric

Geospatial Electrical Diagram

Geospatial Electrical Diagram

Geospatial Electrical Diagram
ETAP GIS provides owners, operators, and planners geospatial tools to better design, analyze, and expand their networks.  It can include transmission, sub-transmission and distribution networks in the same electrical model and solve the combined networks. ETAP GIS can also be used to include detailed substation layouts, individual tower configuration, and generation plant details using a geospatial layout.
Geospatial Electrical Diagram
Don’t have an existing GIS? No problem. ETAP GIS can allow you to build existing transmission networks directly in ETAP using data from sources like OpenStreetMaps.
  • Automatic electrical equipment warehouse generation optimized database size
  • Full control of analysis results displayed on the GIS electrical diagram
  • Animated flows and alerts
  • Direct communication with ESRI Geodatabase® GE Small World, Trimble, Intergraph, etc.
  • Flexibility to use map tiles as background images for spatial awareness
  • Flexible use of all ETAP modules for analysis
  • Multi-layer graphical display of GIS & ETAP data

GIS for Electric Key Features

  • View GIS maps in ETAP
  • Display analysis results on GIS maps
  • Synchronize GIS data to ETAP projects
  • Use graphical user interface for data mapping
  • Control modification & accept/reject actions
  • Check consistency for data synchronization
  • GIS Handling of single-phase systems
  • Utilize GIS map tools
Etap Distribution One-line Diagram

GIS for Electric Capabilities

  • Synchronize GIS data to ETAP projects
  • Perform add, modify, or delete actions for data synchronization
  • Control modification & accept/reject actions via graphical user interface
  • Map GIS data to ETAP via graphical user interface
  • Display unlimited GIS presentations
  • Use map tools – zoom in, zoom out, full extent, pan, etc.
  • Perform consistency checks during data exchange
  • Substitute missing information with ETAP defaults & library data
  • Enter data in GIS and/or ETAP
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