Caneco PV

Caneco PV

An electrical design software specifically programmed to size photovoltaic installations with self-consumption or re-injection into the grid

Currently available in France & Spain only

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Caneco PV Integration is an electrical design software that is used to size photovoltaic installations. It also delivers calculations for cable cross-sections and protection, including circuit breaker rating.

The Caneco PV Integration software is capable of handling small and large scale PV installations, from PV power plants and solar canopies to tertiary/agricultural installations where PV panels are located on roofs or sheds. It is designed to ensure that calculations comply with French standards NF C15-100 (Low-Voltage installations), NF C13-200 (Medium-Voltage installations) and NF C15-712 (PV installation guide).

Caneco PV Integration

Challenges customers face

Design offices and installers carry out dimensioning studies to determine the characteristics of an installation, such as cable cross-sections and circuit-breaker ratings. Regulation authorities and commissioning agents, on their end, check that calculations comply with various standards. These calculations are traditionally performed in a spreadsheet format and can represent a significant amount of time in the PV design process, as well as in the formatting of deliverables.

Each member of this critical design to installation process faces multiple challenges when designing PV installations, challenges that the Caneco PV Integration module/software allows them to quickly overcome:

  • Ensuring Data reliability
  • Complying to security requirements and technical best practices and standards
  • Meeting sustainability criteria
  • Reducing design times
Caneco PV Integration


Unleash your productivity with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing you to streamline your PV design process while reducing errors and saving you valuable time:

  • Cloud-based software hosted in Europe with updates every 3 months
  • Both LV and HV projects can be worked on within the same software
  • Rely on automatic and accurate software calculations
  • Collaborative workflow to easily share your projects between colleagues
  • Ability to provide additional calculation notes that meet the requirements of the inspection authorities
  • Multi-manufacturer database regularly updated at the customers' requests
  • Time-saving PV system dimensioning
PV Integration dashboard

Detailed features (available in Grow / Scale+ / Stand-alone):

  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Direct Current and Alternative Current systems
  • Automatic Diagrams (SLD)
  • Automatic sizing of cables and protective equipments
  • Automatic generation of calculation notes
  • Compliance check with LV, HV and PV electrical standards
  • Multi-manufacturer catalogue (circuit breakers, inverters, lightning arresters, fuses)
  • Data exchange with Caneco BT
  • Available in both French and English
  • EVSE
  • PV storage (2024)
  • Selectivity and coordination (2024)
  • Drawing module for Enedis connection diagrams
  • Import of PV syst and PV sol data (2024)
Caneco PV dashboard


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    Caneco PV

    Caneco PV

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