Caneco - 2D/3D Digital Modeling

Caneco - 2D/3D Digital Modeling

Caneco - 2D/3D Digital Modeling

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The  2D/3D Electrical Modeling add-on unites calculation with the digital building model in AutoCAD® or Revit.


The 2D/3D Electrical Modeling add-on comprises of two modules – Caneco IMPLANTATION & Caneco BIM.

Caneco IMPLANTATION is an AutoCAD® plugin that enables the implantation of electrical material in 2D or 3D, as well as automated cable routing. Essentially, Caneco IMPLANTATION integrates AutoCAD® with the Caneco calculation engine, turning AutoCAD® into a platform for electrical designers and engineers with unique E-CAD functionalities.

Caneco BIM is based on the same principle of linking the digital model to a high-performance calculation core, and transfers it to the BIM context. Caneco BIM builds upon Revit to seamlessly integrate electrical design data into BIM projects.

Both Caneco BIM and Caneco IMPLANTATION facilitate the design and calculation of electrical installations, enable automated cable routing, ensure compliance with standards and regulations, and allow for the generation of accurate reports and documentation.

In unifying digital modeling with automated electrical calculation lies enormous potential for efficiency gains in electrical design and engineering, also regarding an accelerated management of change requests.

The integration of Caneco and its 2D/3D Electrical Modelling add-on create a uniquely powerful solution for electrical design, based on leading Autodesk technology.

Caneco overview

Key Features

  • Add-On 2D/3D Digital Modeling at a glance:
    • Uniting calculation and drawing​
    • Multi-manufacturers database accessible​
    • Automated report generation​
    • Cable tray sizing​
    • Standard-compliant calculation of e.g. cable lengths, cross-sections, circuit breakers, current sources, etc.​
    • Automated documentation and Bill Of Materials​
    • Automated creation of schematics​
    • 2D/3D DWG library (Caneco IMPLANTATION)​
    • IFC export with Autodesk AutoCAD® MEP (Caneco IMPLANTATION)
  • Caneco BIM in detail:

      A digital collaborative platform

    • Caneco BIM performs the exchange of electrical data between Revit®, and the Caneco solution
    • It enables the import of the positioning and the references of lighting features from Dialux® Evo Pro

    • Sizing of electrical installations

    • Caneco BIM enriches the digital model with the results of calculations carried out in Caneco, such as cable cross-sections, protective devices and short-circuits
    • Model and calculate the busbar trunking systems
    • It performs automated cable routing inside Revit®
    • Calculation of cable tray footprint
    • Sizing of cable trays

    • Complementary applications

    • Additional tools will help you control and validate your electrical installation in your digital model
    • Caneco BIM allows the import of the cable types, from Caneco directly into Revit®
    • It analyses the objects and groups of objects and adds electrical parameters such as voltage, apparent load, load class, etc.
    • Create your electrical circuits with advanced tools
  • Caneco IMPLANTATION in detail:

      Implantation of electrical equipment

    • Caneco IMPLANTATION integrates a Low Voltage (LV) and Extra Low Voltage (ELV) object library that comprises distribution boards and cabinets, lighting fixtures, specific and general purpose sockets outlets, cable trays, etc.
    • Caneco IMPLANTATION enables you to customize electrical equipment in the library and to add also symbols created in AutoCAD®.
    • Caneco IMPLANTATION allows you to import lighting fixtures installed in Dialux® after the illumination calculations have been completed.

    • Sizing and calculations

    • Caneco IMPLANTATION exports the created circuits to the Caneco calculation core, which in turn calculates the cross-section of cables and also the protective devices. The results are then re-imported into the Digital Model in AutoCAD®.

    • Cable management

    • Caneco IMPLANTATION enables the optimization of cable routing via junction boxes and cable trays
    • It configures the cable selection rules for the trays
    • It automatically produces cross-sectional views of your cable trays

    • Publication of project documentation

    • Caneco IMPLANTATION enables you to edit all the documents of the project, i.e. nomenclatures for cables, terminal devices and cable trays, cable lists, cable schedules as well as lists of cable trays along with their cross section views
    • Caneco  IMPLANTATION automatically generates the cabling synoptic for LV and ELV installations
Caneco product


  • Increased Productivity​ & Quality
    Automate, streamline and in effect accelerate the design process while reducing manual inputs and according risk of errors. Save valuable time while being BIM-ready and future proof.
  • Improved Specifications
    With the multi-manufacturer database for electrical equipment allows you to design systems for new or existing installations and to account for each manufacturers’ characteristics.​
  • Security and compliance
    Caneco BIM and Caneco IMPLANTATION guarantee the compliance of your digital electrical model with the applicable standards, thanks to its interaction with Caneco´s calculation engine.




Designing electrical installations requires specifiers and contrac­tors to use several different applications for electrical calcula­tion and design. An integrated software environment frees users from the challenge of entering the same information multiple times in different software packages. In effect, the unification of digital 2D/3D CAD modeling with automated electrical calculation, offers enormous potential for efficiency gains in electrical design and engineering.

Caneco and the 2D/3D Digital Modeling add-on create such a unified software landscape that is connected by a continuous data stream within the same system. This automates key tasks, such as quickly handling change requests, saves time by eliminating duplication of effort, and prevents errors or data losses reliably.

By ensuring data integrity throughout the entire design process, Caneco addresses the most significant challenges in electrical design, while enabling automated cable routing (and more, see "Key Features"), ensuring compliance with standards and regulations, and allowing for the generation of precise reports and a comprehensive documentation.





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    Caneco - Introduction

    Caneco - Introduction

    The all-in-one software suite for electrical engineering.

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    Caneco brochure

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