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The "INTERNATIONAL - Multi languages / Multi standards" add-on extends Caneco to support multiple languages and international standards, including marine standards. This enhancement transforms Caneco into a globally applicable tool, offering substantial benefits to internationally operating companies, their customers, and users worldwide.

The Caneco add-on "INTERNATIONAL - Multi languages / Multi standards" enhances communication, ensures compliance, and facilitates market expansion in the global landscape of electrical design projects.

Users are able to design projects in accordance with 17 different international standards, in addition to the international marine standard IEC 60092. Printing project documentation is possible in 9 different languages, with the option to use user-created printing languages.

This way, the add-on ensures compliance with specific national and regional standards, invaluable for companies active across diverse geographical regions, enabling adherence to regulatory requirements relevant to their project locations. Additionally, it opens new markets and facilitates greater global reach by accommodating international standards and languages.

Caneco International Overview

Key Features

  • Includes 17 main standards:
    • International IEC 60364
    • European HD384
    • French NFC 15-100
    • British BS7671
    • German VDE
    • Italian IEC 64-8
    • Spanish REBT & UNE 20460
    • Austrian ÖNORM
    • Belgian RGIE/AREI
    • Swiss NIBT-NIN
    • Portuguese NP
    • Dutch NEN1010
    • Czech CSN
    • Swedish SS 4364000
    • Norwegian NEK 400
    • Brazilian NBR-5410
    • Australian AS/NZ 3008.
  • Multilingual printing: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Flemish, Portuguese and Catalan.
  • User-created print languages.
  • Calculation according to international marine standards IEC 60092.
  • Specific database of protection devices (ABB, Schneider).
Caneco International


  • Ensures Compliance in International Projects to Specific National/Regional Standards
  • Opens New Markets, Allowing for Market Expansion and Greater Global Reach
  • Facilitates Communication and Collaboration in Multinational Projects


In the realm of global electrical design projects, regulatory compliance stands as a cornerstone, dictating adherence to diverse regulations and standards across jurisdictions. The Caneco add-on "INTERNATIONAL - Multi languages / Multi standards" provides the assurance of complying with regulatory requirements and standards. This is ensured thanks to 17 integrated international standards for projects around the globe.

The add-on also makes Caneco accessible in 9 different languages. With a multilingual software teams spread across the globe can collaborate more effectively, as everyone can access and understand design tools in their preferred language,  promoting clearer communication and enabling teams to focus on design tasks and project goals.

In sum, the Caneco add-on "INTERNATIONAL - Multi languages / Multi standards" enables companies to easily expand operations into new markets and regions, overcoming language limitations and ensuring regulatory alignment.
These elements form the foundation upon which successful, compliant, and streamlined design projects are built.

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    Caneco - Introduction

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