Power Systems Analysis

Power Systems Analysis

Marine AC & DC Power Systems Analysis
A powerful set of analysis and optimization software products for design, simulation, and planning of LV and MV marine electrical systems utilizing an intelligent one-line diagram and the flexibility of a multi-dimensional database.
  • Load Flow

    Power flow analysis and voltage drop calculations software with accurate and reliable results

  • Time Series Unified Load Flow

    Integrated and unified AC & DC network power flow

  • Short Circuit

    The Short Circuit module determines fault currents and automatically compares them against manufacturer ratings.

  • Motor Acceleration

    Examine the effects of starting motors & load impacts within your system

  • ArcSafety™ - AC Arc Flash

    Arc Flash software identifies and analyzes high risk arc flash areas in AC systems.

  • Harmonics

    Simulate harmonic current and voltage sources, reduce nuisance trips, and report distortion limit violations.

  • Contingency Analysis

    Define & analyze component outage and failure scenarios

  • DC Load Flow

    Integrated AC & DC System Load Flow

  • DC Short Circuit

    Evaluate system fault conditions and assess protective device ratings for direct current systems

  • DC Arc Flash

    DC Arc Flash module calculates the incident energy for direct current networks.

Key Features

  • Bus Transfers
  • Peak Load Analysis
  • Pulsed and Ramp Loading
  • Non-Linear Load Events
  • Maneuvering events such as acceleration, deceleration, surfacing, etc.
  • Startup, Shutdown, Normal and Emergency operation conditions
  • Battery only operation
  • Diesel generator operation (with or without battery charging)
  • Fuel cell operation (with or without battery charging)

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