Unified Load Flow

Unified Load Flow

Time Series Unified Load Flow

Time Series Unsymmetrical Network Unified AC & DC Load Flow
Time domain unbalanced power flow or time series distribution load flow simulation is used for the purpose of varying load and generation in the system and solving the steady state power flows in the system over a function of time.


Key Features

  • Single year load growth analysis
  • Multiple year load growth analysis
  • Consider unlimited loading and generation patterns using ETAP Profile Library
  • Allows specifying user-defined intervals for the profiles (hours or minutes resolution)
  • Supports the import of profiles from ASCII format (.csv)
  • Simplifies the creation of profiles for standard profile types such as the “8760 profile”
  • Define seasonal variations including holiday adjustments
  • Include load growth for multiple years (unlimited)
  • Ability to mix load classes or sectors into composite sectors
  • Include solar irradiance patterns to simulate daily, monthly or yearly output
  • Graphically assign load classes or sectors to loads and generators
  • Automatic time series synchronization of multiple patterns
  • Ability to include devices in or out of service during the planning period
  • Plots: current, voltage drop, energy losses, demand, yield, and consumption for a specified period
  • Create, view, and edit profiles for a specific load, or by load type, meter demand, network demand, or generator graphically or tabular view.



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