ETAP Real-Time System Architecture

SCADA System Architecture

Power Management System Architecture

Modular, Expandable & Flexible Architecture
ETAP Real-Time modular architecture can be configured in a single server for small industrial applications or substation to a distributed redundant system.  The architecture can be configured to support SCADA, PMS, ADMS, EMS, Load Shedding, and more solutions.
Real-Time System Architecture

ETAP Real-Time employs an open and extremely flexible architecture that allows seamless communication with almost any data acquisition (DAQ) system, providing a hardware-independent platform.

SCADA System Architecture Key Features

  • Seamless integration
  • Robust client / server architecture
  • Multi-redundant system
  • Scalable modular design    
  • ODBC / SQL compliant database
  • Enterprise-wide access
  • Multi-tiered user access management
  • ISO 9001 A3147 certified
  • Hardware independent
SCADA System Architecture

Data Acquisition

The ETAP Front End Processor (ETAP Real-Time™ Server) is in charge of communication to field devices and processing the data to the application servers.   It has the capability of collecting data directly using native communication protocols as well as communicating via etap iCE™ devices or existing data concentrators, SCADA and DCS.


Configurable in a virtual environment using VMWare technology reducing the need of number of physical servers.

ETAP Real-Time Server Vitrualization

High Availability

System availability is crucial to the reliable operation of a power management system. In addition to hardware redundancy and failsafe software features, ETAP Real-Time offers redundant client-server setup. Two levels of system redundancy are offered:

Centralized Redundancy

Centralized redundant architecture employs an active server with multiple standby servers. Upon failure of the primary active server, a standby server is promoted to the active state allowing for a seamless fail-over scheme. Should the failed server recover, the newly promoted active server remains as the primary system server.

Distributed Redundancy

Distributed redundant architecture is similar to that of the centralized redundant scheme with the additional capability to independently manage multiple systems. This scheme supports communication loss as well as physical isolation of multiple sites resulting in islanded systems. In such cases, a standby server at each location will automatically be promoted to an active state and resume managing its local system independently. After reestablishing the connection between the multiple sites, the system is returned back to the normal state with one active server resuming the management of the multiple sites.

SCADA Centralized RedundancySCADA Distributed Redundancy


Multiple Control Centers

The control centers are the heart of the operation of transmission, distribution, and large industrial facilities.  Immediate recovery of operations in case of disaster is imperative.  ETAP Real-Time architecture provides a seems less integration of multiple control centers.   They can be configured to run in hot-hot configuration as well as hot-standby configuration.  Automatic synchronization and startup as well as complete operation functionality at secondary control centers is configured.

SCADA Primary and Secondary Control Center

Client-Server Configuration

The ETAP Real-Time Server is a true multi-client-server configuration. The ETAP Real-Time Server is a central processing unit that manages the communication between the system and ETAP consoles. Data is collected by the Real-Time Server from intelligent electronic devices and data acquisition systems. ETAP Consoles display system data, alarms, warnings, and other pertinent system information while providing access to archive data for historical analysis. Simulation can be conducted from each console to predict system behavior. Additionally, consoles can be configured for dedicated tasks such as generator control and system automation.



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