SEE Automatic Diagram Generation  (add-on)

SEE Automatic Diagram Generation

Automated electrical project generation and standardization

Create electrical schematics as speedy as possible by using Automatic Diagram Generation!

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Automatic Diagram Generation is an add-on dedicated to automate electrical project generation for SEE Electrical Expert and SEE Electrical users.

Automatic Diagram Generation is an easy-to-use tool, using Excel file and SEE Electrical or SEE Electrical Expert software to speedy generate electrical documentation. It is dedicated to the Scale level of these programs.

Each designer who make many repetitive diagrams with different electrical parameters, should try to speed his work, by using this application.

Automatic Diagram Generation Key Features

The See Web Catalogue online application has been optimized to help you quickly searching of electrical device which you need to use in your project. Its intuitive and pleasant interface will help you immediately after opening. This kind of application is essential for every designer using SEE Electrical or SEE Electrical Expert.

  • The entire structure of an electrical project or product can be managed using Excel. The user can declare which electrical block or macro he wants to use and in which diagram. The location of the blocks and all electrical parameters of the associated symbols should also be provided to the Excel spreadsheet. User choses blocks from the block library existing in SEE environment.
  • Full project creation with using of locations, functions, terminal strips, cables, connectors is possible in the connected SEE application. The process interprets the configuration and generate drawing by drawing in SEE software. Because a project is described in Excel, user can easy declare new option, solution or variant. In fact, user has for his disposal an electrical database of the project
SEE Features


  • Improved Efficiency by reducing project creation time and Quality by introducing automation in the electrical design process
  • Improved Productivity by automatization of the project generation and managing variants of your design to be more productive. Perform automatically repetitive schematics in an intuitive tool.
  • Improved Accuracy of your designs by automatically generating repeatable patterns and using the time you gain for creative design.

Automatic Diagram Generation is the important add-on for designers making many repetitive diagrams in SEE Electrical or SEE Electrical Expert.



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