AED for Autodesk Revit

Advanced Electrical Design™

Advanced Electrical Design™ for Autodesk® Revit®

AED 1 year
Annual subscription
  • Conceptual and detailed electrical diagramming
  • Electrical installation analysis tools
  • Critical alerts and warnings management
  • Integrated regional electrical standards
  • Revit integration
AED 3 Years
Annual subscription
The same features as for AED 1 year
but price locked for years
Annual subscription
  • Special price for more than 3 licenses.
  • Dedicated to larger organizations.


Advanced Electrical Design is a robust, comprehensive lifecycle solution dedicated to Autodesk Revit environment.

New construction challenges require the use of new manufacturing technologies, but most importantly, new design technologies. Electrical and automation designing appears as one of the main topics that can improve the energy efficiency of construction. Unlocking the potential and prioritizing electrical design is the obvious process in the construction industry. New and emerging technologies aim to streamline the process of designing environmentally responsible buildings by providing integrated analysis and optimization capabilities directly within the Revit environment. 3D models of buildings and infrastructure, incorporate both the physical and functional characteristics of the project. With AED you can plan, analyze, optimize, and document electrical plans all in a single place, keeping diagrams in sync with the architectural model throughout the building process. From initial concept through schematic design to detailed design, this cohesive, connected solution better supports emerging industry demands of the new energy landscape.

Advanced Electrical Design Key Features

The Advanced Electrical Design software has been optimized to reduce rework and facilitate data collaboration across projects and teams, with a fully integrated workflow. You can design, analyze and optimize your electrical installation plans in a single place, and keep your diagram in-sync with the architectural 3D model throughout the building process.

  • Revit Integration by linking AED components to Revit Model elements is the main feature. It enables electrical data synchronization.
  • Electrical Analysis Tools enable you to calculate loads, analyze power demands, select cables, check voltage drop and generate needed documents.
  • You will be informed about distribution systems failures and about power overloads with visualization on 3D model.
  • User can create conceptual electrical drawings, by using blocks like sources, equipment and loads. The signle-line diagrams will be created automatically.
  • The regional code-based calculations are built into the application, so your work will be compliant with regulations.
SEE Features


  • Improved accuracy by synchronizing data with Revit 3D model and avoiding costly design errors.
  • Increased productivity by creating block diagrams and automatic generation of single-line diagrams.
  • Improved quality by streamlining the process from designing, build and maintenance.
  • Increased Safety & Compliance by using industry standards and simplifying compliance.
Advanced Electrical Design AED

Advanced Electrical Design is the important extension for electricians working in construction industry and teams using Revit solution. Electrical installation plans are needed.

This software gives you possibilities to design more effectively, and with high quality.

Advanced Electrical Design Analysis

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