ETAP Cable Systems

Design cable systems to operate to their maximum potential while providing secure and reliable operation.

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ETAP Cable Systems Webinar Series

Proper sizing and current derating ensures that cables operate to their maximum potential while providing secure and reliable operation. This three-part webinar series provides design and application requirements to properly size and analyze cable systems.


Part I - Cable Ampacity & Sizing


This webinar covers cable sizing based on IEEE and North American cable standards and guidelines.


Part II - Cable Capacity, Sizing & Shock Protection


Learn about cable sizing, current carrying capacity and electrical shock protection based on IEC and British standards:
IEC 60502, IEC 60364 and BS 7671.


Part III - Cable Thermal Analysis


The topics of this presentation include cable thermal analysis for underground raceway systems for determining the optimal cable sizes, physical attributes, and maximum derated current carrying capacity.

ETAP Cable Systems Software

  • Cable Sizing

    Calculate optimal & alternative cable sizes

  • Cable Thermal Analysis

    Design, analyze, and size cables in underground raceway systems

  • Cable Pulling

    Cable pulling tension calculator using 3D graphcial layout

  • PE Conductor Sizing

    Protective earthing / ground conductor sizing calcuation tool

  • NEC NFPA 70

    Cable ampacity calculation based on National Electrical Code

  • IEEE 399

    Cable ampacity calculation based on IEEE recommended practice for industrial and commercial power systems

  • ICEA P-54-440

    Cable ampacitiy calculation based on ICEA / NEMA standard for cable tray installation

  • IEC 60502

    Cable capacity calculations for power cables per IEC 60502

  • IEC 60364

    Cable capacity calculations for low voltage per IEC 60364-5-52

  • IEC 60092

    Cable capacity calculations for power cables in ships & offshore units

  • BS 7671

    Cable sizing & capacity for low voltage installations

  • NFC 15-100

    French Standard cable ampacity & sizing: NFC 15-100 Installations électriques à basse tension