SEE Electrical 3D Shop Floor

Electrical panel manufacturing

SEE Electrical 3D Shop Floor

Electrical Cabinet Mounting and Wiring assistant

Install equipment in the electrical cabinet with high accuracy by using SEE Electrical 3D Shop Floor application!

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SEE Electrical 3D Shop Floor is a standalone application dedicated to producing stage of electrical cabinet.

SEE Electrical 3D Shop Floor is the perfect tool to save time in panel manufacturing. It is a software standalone application intended to assist electrical cabinets manufacturing, by enabling you to visualize and manipulate appropriately SEE Electrical 3D Panel projects. The tool provides extended possibilities for tracking devices installation and panel wiring.


SEE Electrical 3D Shop Floor Key Features

The SEE Electrical 3D Shop Floor has been optimized to help companies producing electrical cabinets to place equipment's and making an internal wiring between apparatus. This kind of application is for shop floor electrical installers.

  • Assisting in the assembly of electrical cabinets is the main feature of this application, which show the virtual model of the electrical cabinet on the screen. Mounting person has a clear view on devices which need to be mounted with their exact positions and connections.
  • Touch-screen compatibility and barcode scanners support is accessible. Selected devices are highlighted and user can validate the mounting with a finger touch.
  • Consistency checker by scanning help you to identify the components, wires, and cables and locate where to install them by scanning their barcode or QR code.
SEE Features


  • Improved Productivity thanks to the visualization of the virtual cabinet model on the touch screen. The electrician can assemble more electrical cabinets during his work.
  • Improved Efficiency by saving time on every stage of mounting in electrical cabinet with easy control and tracking of the process.
  • Improved Quality by producing electrical cabinets without costly errors, especially in cabinet wiring.

SEE Electrical 3D Shop Floor is the important application for electricians working in shop floor and assembling electrical cabinets.



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