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Electrical Power Systems

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Design, Operation, & Automation

ETAP 20 is built upon a Unified Digital Twin platform and offers an impressive set of innovative solutions from Design, Operation to Automation.

Design Solutions


Quickly evaluate arc flash incident energy during protection & coordination study with time-saving features that significantly reduce costly modifications and mitigation equipment.

  • Automated arc flash energy evaluation
    • Constant Energy Boundary Area – C-area plots
    • Arc Energy Damage Point – Arc-Resistant Switchgear (C37.20.7)
  • Risk analysis based on multiple operating conditions and current variation
  • Arc Flash Evaluation Rulebook
  • Automatically evaluate Line, Bus, and Load-side faults
  • Global filters for new IEEE 1584-2018 rules and special conditions

High accuracy arc flash analysis to calculate the incident energy for direct current applications

  • Incident Energy Subtraction Method
  • DC Arc Flash Calculator batch analysis
  • Update ‘worst-case’ scenario from Result Analyzer to DataBlocks
  • DC arc current reference TCC plot


ETAP Electromagnetic Transients Program

Dedicated EMTP software for analysis of power system transients.

  • Switching transient
  • Insulation coordination
  • Lightning surges
  • Renewable energy generation
  • Sub-synchronous oscillations
  • FACTS and electronic converters


CoSimulation of Electromagnetic & Phasor Transients

Perform accurate and detailed multi-domain Phasor (RMS) and Electromagnetic transients (EMT) studies with ETAP Transient Stability and eMTP.

  • Single-domain or multiple-domain co-simulation
  • Watch your transient simulations in action with Live Charts for multiple components & variables
  • Simulate large networks in high-fidelity


Live Plots & Graphical Result Visualization

Get a live insight into the study results using PlotView, including user-configurable visualization and export capabilities

  • Live Plots overlay with previous study results
  • Embedded Live Plots on One-Line Diagram
  • Utilize with all major ETAP modules
  • Individual or Subplot views
  • Export to Excel, Zoom, Pan, Hairline Based Value Tracking and more


Scripting & Study Automation using Python™

Feature-rich ETAP-Python API and IDE for creating and executing python scripts

  • Integration of ETAP and Python scripting language
  • API to batch run studies and generate output data reports
  • Run studies remotely and in parallel across machines
  • Built-in Python Script IDE or Editor

    Dynamic Models

    Dynamic Models using UDM or Manufacturer Black Box Modeling

    Renewable Energy & Battery Storage Dynamic Models using User-Defined Dynamic Models (UDM) or Manufacturer Black Box Models (DLL)

    • WECC distributed and small PV plants generic model (PVD1)
    • WECC Energy Storage System Phase II Models – REGC_A, REEC_C, REPC_A
    • WECC 2nd Generation Type 3 & 4 Wind Turbine Models – WTGT_A, WTGAR_A, WTGPT_A, WTGTRQ_A
    • Solar Turbines Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)
    • CIGRE Gas Turbine and Steam Turbine in Combined Cycle Power Plants (Report 238)
    • User API to incorporate DLL based Dynamic Models
        Renewable - DC Load Flow

        Battery Energy Management

        Battery Charging & Discharging

        Lithium-Ion Storage and Battery Management System for Renewables, Microgrids, Railways, and more.

        • Lithium-Ion battery modeling
        • Battery charge & discharge control modes
        • Multiple battery State of Charge (SoC) categories
        • Battery operating mode based on voltage or power Generation
        • Utilize in Load Flow (AC, DC, Unified, Time Series) and eTraX modules

          Battery Parameter Estimation

          Estimate Battery Charge & Discharge Parameters

          Identify battery charging and discharging parameters, verify the maximum capability, validate performance, and select the most appropriate battery bank.

          • Lead-Acid and Lithium-Ion (multiple chemistries) battery types
          • Auto-update model parameters into battery library
          • Automatically recalculate battery characteristics
              Cable Sizing & Shock Protection

              NF C13-200 - Cable Sizing

              Ensure Compliance using Trusted Calculations

              Fast and accurate sizing and protection evaluation per the French standard for high voltage power cables.

              • Complete current carrying capacity calculation
              • Under-ground and Above-ground cable sizing
              • Display Correction Factors applied per cable using Cable Manager

                Short Circuit 

                Faster Result Analysis & Project Deliverables

                Take the guesswork out of short circuit studies by automating the analysis of multiple simulation results and plots.

                • Update ‘worst-case’ Device Duty evaluation from Result Analyzer to component DataBlocks
                • Compare Device Duty results with equipment ratings in Result Analyzer
                • PlotView for IEC 61363 graphical results

                  Identify and analyze high-risk arc flash areas with greater flexibility by simulating and evaluating various mitigation methods.

                  • Global & Individual typical data for enclosure editor
                  • Arc-Flash Calculator enhancements
                  • 1-Phase Arc-Flash “Worst-Case” Pole / Phase Identification

                  Improve the reliability of new and existing rail traction power systems from conceptual design to network planning and expansion.

                  • Wayside Energy Storage with Battery Management System - BMS
                  • Battery charging and discharging simulation
                  • Graphical results and plot for STATCOM & BESS
                  • PlotView for graphical results visualization

                    Easily and automatically convert from legacy software and exchange data between third-party programs and ETAP.

                    • Latest built-in GIS import from CYME and Milsoft WindMil Map®
                    • Updated built-in import tool from SKM Power*Tools® 9.0
                    Engineering Libraries

                    Industry-standard for the most comprehensive V&V engineering equipment libraries. The latest library updates are included with every release & available for download from ETAP HelpDesk.

                    • New Lithium-Ion Battery models
                    • Expanded Circuit Breaker and Relay models
                    • New Protective Device models
                    • Updated Reliability Failure Rate data
                    • Updated Cable Libraries per cable regulation types

                    ETAP Application 

                    GIS & One-Line Diagram Foundations

                    Time-saving enhancements and new graphical features to increase performance and improve overall application responsiveness.

                    • Project & Study Wizard Toolbar
                    • AutoComplete Search
                    • Full-Screen Mode
                    • New Installation Framework
                    • Updated SAP Crystal Report (v25), MongoDB 4.2 & SQLCE 4.0
                    • Support for MS Windows Server 2019

                    Operation Solutions



                    Centralized Web-Based Protection & Asset Management

                    Solution for relay settings change management to manage location, information, and settings throughout the lifecycle of protective relays and substation assets.

                    • Increased data quality and access management
                    • Automatic processing and relay settings file generation
                    • Protection setting sync between a physical relay and ETAP Star PDC
                    • Integrated with Advanced Fault Analysis System, AFAS

                    Improve and augment operator / dispatcher training for electrical systems through real-world practical learning and supports decision-making via “what-if” simulations for steady-state and dynamic system conditions.

                    • ETAP-in-the-Loop system simulation
                    • Training Simulator for SCADA, PMS, EMS, ILS, DMS, and OMS
                    • Instructor to multi-trainee environment with Ad hoc and pre-defined scenarios
                    • Evaluation of trainee performance and continuous learning environment
                    Advanced Fault Analysis System

                    Advanced Fault Analysis System 

                    Accurate Fault Location & Outage Management

                    Operational and decision-support analysis software to accurately simulate fault transients of distribution systems to improve fault location accuracy.

                    • Fault information retrieval – COMTRADE
                    • Fault type, impedance, and location identification
                    • Phasor and Frequency estimation
                    • Graphical visualization and reporting or fault location
                    • Integrates with eProtect and OMS

                    Automation Solutions

                    Microgrid Control

                    An integrated model-driven design software and control hardware solution to develop, simulate, optimize, validate, and control microgrids.

                    • Generation Optimization
                    • Generation and Load Forecasting
                    • Grid Power Interchange Control
                    • Black start and system restoration
                    • Islanding Management
                    • Optimize, tune, and hot-swap logic
                    • Control validation via real-time simulation


                    Power Plant Controller

                    Model-driven renewable power plant control and management with SCADA visualization, predictive analysis, optimization and forecasting.

                    • Design and operate to balance Grid Code Compliance and power plant performance
                    • Active power, reactive, and energy storage management
                    • Intelligent and centralized renewable farm control
                    • Renewable energy SCADA and dashboards

                    Cloud & Mobile Solutions

                    Network Project Modeling & Management

                    Shorten project delivery time, improve design quality, and increase project efficiency using the latest features of the NetPM platform.

                    • Collaborative GIS model management
                    • Efficient queue management for graphics
                    • Data Undo using local queue
                    etapAPP 3.0

                    Increase accessibility to ETAP projects for data collection and verification with the updated version of etapAPP™, a tablet application made for field engineers.

                    • Pin favorite data fields and properties
                    • Element disconnect capability
                    • Enhanced One-Line Diagram editing
                    • Improved Geo-tagging, Zoom, and equipment search tools

                    Webinar about how ETAP 20 Release makes advances in data management, efficiency, flexibility, interoperability, asset modeling, and network analysis applications.


                    ETAP 20 - A Unified Digital Twin Platform

                    to Design, Operate, and Automate Power Systems

                    ETAP 20 Release makes advances in data management, efficiency, flexibility, interoperability, asset modeling, and network analysis applications. In this webinar, learn about some of the significant features and powerful capabilities that are a must have in your power system tool-set.

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