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Stability Studies for Power Systems with DERs

As more Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) are added and mixed into the grid, the need to effectively evaluate and validate the dynamic response of power systems has become essential for grid resiliency, reliability, and security. In this webinar, learn how ETAP's Transient Stability module addresses the needs and challenges of stability studies for power systems with DERs. The module provides comprehensive analysis of the system's behavior during disturbances, enabling engineers to make informed decisions for improving system stability and ensuring grid reliability.

eTraX™ – Railway Traction Power Solution

This webinar introduces the latest ETAP solution for analysis and operation of Rail Traction Systems. eTraX includes the most accurate, user-friendly and flexible software tools for analyzing and managing low and medium voltage rail power systems. Using advanced geospatial asset information, eTraX allows for the modeling, simulation, prediction and optimization of rail infrastructure.

Distribution Automation with Model-Based Volt/Var Optimization (VVO)

This webinar discusses industry challenges and benefits of a model-based VVO, including practical applications for electric distribution systems. Gain valuable insights and benefits from ETAP customers enjoying a proactive reduction in energy waste, reduced CO2 emissions, consumption reduction, and extended equipment lifetime.

Star Auto: Automated Protection & Coordination Evaluation

This webinar will present ETAP Auto Star-Evaluation: Protection and Coordination Evaluation. This powerful capability automatically detects the zones of protection and evaluates the adequacy of the system protection and device coordination.

ETAP Intelligent Distribution Load Shedding - iDLS - Solution Demonstration

The ETAP iDLS solution leverages advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide accurate predictions of load demand and provide real-time operational insights to help grid operators make informed decisions. Additionally, iDLS integrates with existing grid infrastructure and control systems, making it easy to deploy and integrate into existing power systems. By providing a centralized load management solution, iDLS helps ensure grid stability and continuity of power supply, while minimizing the impact on connected customers and preventing blackouts and unplanned outages.

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