NFC 15-100 - French Standard

NFC 15-100

NFC 15-100 - French Standard

The NF C 15-100 applies to low voltage cables rated less than or equal to 1 kV ac and 1.5 kV dc. This standard applies to both underground and aboveground applications.

Cable Raceway Installations

The capacity calculation program handles both aboveground (A/G) and underground (U/G in duct and buried) installations.

  • A/G Conduit
  • A/G Trays (perforated or unperforated)
  • Air Drop (suspended or on insulators)
  • Architrave/Window Frame
  • Brackets
  • Building Voids
    • In Building
    • Conduit
    • Cable ducting
    • Ceiling
    • Suspended floor
  • Channel (open or ventilated)
  • Ladder
  • Masonry (in cable ducting)
  • Open and Clipped Direct (on wall or under ceiling)
  • Trunking (on wall, suspended, or flush floor)
  • U/G Buried (direct or in conduit)
  • U/G Duct (in ground)
  • Wire Mesh

NFC 15-100 Standard Cable Capacity Software

Cable Layout

  • Rows and Columns
  • Number of Layers
  • Number of Conduits
  • Conduit Clearance
  • Circuit Clearance

Temperature Correction

The cable capacity calculator is the perfect software tool for computing the current carrying capability based on the ambient and conductor temperatures.

  • Base Ambient Temperature
  • Base Conductor Temperature
  • Operating Ambient Temperature
  • Operating Conductor Temperature

Grouping Factors

The cable current carrying capability calculation for aboveground (trays, air drop, and more) and underground (in duct and direct buried) calculates the cable capacity based on the number of circuits.

Soil Resistivity Correction

The soil resistivity is an important thermal parameter for actual underground installations. ETAP, as a cable thermal analysis application, allows you to consider the following:

  • Base Soil Thermal Resistivity
  • Operating Soil Thermal Resistivity



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