Powering the Digital Energy Landscape

Integrated Electrical Digital Twin Platform Enriched with Intelligent Solutions

ETAP 22 offers a multitude of new of integrated power analysis modules, electrical dimensioning capabilities, automation, and operations solutions. From advanced renewable energy modeling, safety compliance, simulation tools, and leading-edge model-driven real-time network management solutions, ETAP 22 addresses user requirements and industry needs. The new release comes with an improved user experience and Interface, a faster and more responsive platform, and 1,000's of enhancements and time-saving improvements supporting our customers with technology and best practices to be more:



Make all the right moves to improve safety



Maximize your power system reliability



Maximize your operational efficiency



Simplify and maintain regulatory compliance



Fast & accurate integration of renewables in the new energy landscape

What's New?


Design Solutions

Arc Flash & Shock Protection Int. Stds

Reduce Risk, Improve Safety & Enforce Compliance based on International Stds.

  • Arc flash analysis based on IEC-60909-2016
    • ArcFault based on IEC 60909-2016
    • IEC Arc flash Decay
    • IEC Single Phase Arc Flash
  • Arc flash analysis based on DGUV-I 203-077 (German Arc flash)
    • Schau, H.; Halinka, A.
    • DGUV-I 203-077 (Worst-case)
  • Shock risk assessment based on regional electrical worker safety standards: US NFPA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, China, Australia, Europe IEC, Austria, France, Greece, Germany, Italy, Spain


Generate and customize AC & DC arc flash labels  

Graphical tool for creating templates and generating modern arc flash labels

  • Arc flash label templates
  • QR code feature
  • Cloud-based data management

Lightning Risk Assessment

Raise protection from lightning exposure to new heights. Identify and assess risks for a structure due to lightning flashes to earth and selection of appropriate protection measures to be adopted to reduce the risk to or below the tolerable limit.

  • Standard For Lightning Protection Systems
    • NFPA 780 2014
    • NFPA 780-2020
  • IEC 62305-2 Ed. 2.0 en:2010 Protection Against Lightning - Part 2: Risk Management
  • Lightning Density / Frequency Maps provide better resolution for risk assessment calculations


Grid Interconnection Solutions for Solar and Wind Power Plants

  • Automated grid code evaluation of
    • Real and reactive power capability
    • Harmonic distortion and resonance
    • Voltage & Frequency Ride Through
  • Compliance per ENA Engineering Recommendation G5/5 (United Kingdom)
  • Capability Curve for Wind Turbine Generator & Inverters
  • Grid Code Rulebooks:
    • P-Q Capability & Equipment Control
    • Voltage Ride Through
    • Voltage Regulation

GridCode™ Smart Inverters

  • Makes autonomous decisions to keep grid stable and reliable as more DERs come online
  • Multiple modes of operation & control
    • Volt – Var
    • Volt – Watt
    • Watt – Power Factor
  • User-Defined Control Curves or Static Var Support
  • Real or Reactive Power Priority Modes
  • Include smart inverter constraints
  • Maintain compliance per IEEE 1547 and California Rule 21
  • Smart Inverter modeling & autonomous modes

Intelligent Controllers

Renewable energy control system including microgrids & power plant controllers

  • Controller Element for Renewable Energy Control System Modeling & Analysis
  • Ready to use Controllers with user-defined parameterizations
    • Primary Controllers – Solar, Wind, Inverters, Energy Storage System, STATCOM
    • Hybrid Power Plant / Station Controller for Secondary Control
    • Grid Following & Grid Forming Inverters
    • Microgrid Controller, Gateway, Synch Check Relay
    • Operator Training Simulator
    • Grid Code Analyzer
  • Graphical selection of monitored and controlled devices
  • Automatic parameterization of 'black boxed' DLLs.


Time Domain Load Flow

  • Supports Smart Inverter, STATCOM, SVC, VFD 
  • Graphical Results & Plots for SVC, STATCOM  
    & VFD, Induction & Synchronous Motors 
  • Enhanced AC/DC element plots 
  • Millisecond time scale enhancement 
  • Improved networks under VFD - no-load, parallel and meshed network
  • User-defined python report 

Unbalanced Load Flow

  • Auto-Run feature when system or study setting is changed
  • Added support for 1 phase systems in plot analyzer
  • Enhanced GIS calculation and display
  • Improved networks under VFD - no-load, parallel and meshed network
  • Now supports capability curve for renewable sources
  • Optimized performance for solar panel and inverter control, now converges better and faster
  • Now supports user-defined python report in report manager

Unbalanced AC & DC Short Circuit

Unsymmetrical system fault simulation for unbalanced networks

Device Duty Calculation & Evaluation for Single-Phase, Multi-Phase AC & DC Systems

  • Unbalanced faults on Unsymmetrical systems
    • Shunt fault – 3-Phase, 3-Phase to ground fault
    • Line to Ground fault – Phase A or Phase B or Phase C
    • Line - Line to ground fault
    • Simultaneous Faults
  • Unbalanced Short Circuit Analysis based on international standards:
    • GOST Russian Std.
    • ANSI AC, DC Std.
    • IEC AC 60909 & IEC DC 61660 Std.
  • Short Circuit simulation and result visualization on OLV and GIS view
  • Generator circuit breaker duty evaluation per IEC 62271 / ANSI

Unbalanced Harmonics

Unsymmetrical harmonic analysis for unbalanced networks

Simulate harmonic sources, identify harmonic problems, reduce nuisance trips, design and test filters, and report harmonic distortion limit violations.

  • Unbalanced AC Harmonic Analysis
  • Harmonic Load Flow
  • Include harmonic mitigation & unbalanced correction using Active Harmonic Filters


Evaluate flicker compliance against emission limits

Instantaneous, short-term (Pst) and long-term flicker (Plt) perceptions

  • Flicker calculations based on IEC 61000-4-15 - Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Signal processing
    • Import waveform recordings in a CSV file format
    • Analyze up to 20 signals
    • Support up to 500 million data points (6.5 GB file sizes)

Harmonic Analysis

  • Total and Displacement power factor
  • Transformer derating considering Eddy Current losses (ANSI/IEEE C57.110-1986)
  • Cable Derating based on Harmonic Distribution Factor
  • Capacitor Overload Alerts based on IEEE 18
  • Zero sequence Harmonic Frequency Scan
  • Updated Harmonic Rulebooks: 
    • AS61000: National Electricity Rules
    • AS61000: Victorian Electricity Distribution Code  
    • ENA EREC G5/5 2020: British Harmonic (updated)

Power System Optimization

Unsymmetrical system fault simulation for unbalanced networks

  • Switching Sequence Management (SSM)
    • Simulate switch plans on One-line or GIS Diagram
    • Export sequence plans to MS Excel
    • Export plans to online Sequence Management Viewer
  • Switching Optimization
    • Enhanced modeling for switched capacitor banks
    • Enhanced Feeder Balancing & Optimize Voltage objectives
    • New Phase Load Balancing objective
  • Volt/Var Optimization
    • Alert visualization on GIS Diagram
    • Enhanced modeling for switched capacitor banks & distribution transformers
  • Fault Management & Service Restoration
    • Improved Minimize Overloading & Optimize Voltage objectives
    • Voltage vs Distance plot for each phase

Star™ Protection & Selectivity

  • Auto-Evaluation - Coordination Evaluation beyond Min Time
  • Protective Device User-Defined Fields
  • Template Editor with Import & Export Capability
  • Data Manager with editing capability of any device in any revision data
  • Star Sequence of Operation Slider
  • Ignore Maintenance Switch in Sequence of Operation
  • Star View TCC Enhancements
    • Motor Line & Terminal acceleration curve
    • Minimum Time Area
    • Visible/Invisible Curves from right-click menu
    • Find Min Time Difference in Normalized View

StarZ™ Distance Protection

  • Simulate protection impact based on Unbalanced Faults -AG, BG, CG, AB, BC, CA, ABG, BCG, and CAG
  • StarZ™ integration with eTraX™ for railway system protection simulation
  • Create and Manage StarView TCCs in StarZ mode
  • Simulate protection based on Unbalanced Faults
  • Enhanced library including user-defined comparators & digital source stencil
  • User-defined Comparators
  • Vendor specific transformer/bus/line differential relay
  • Single phase distance relay for traction power systems


  • Transient Stability
    • Unbalanced faults (LG, LL, & LLG) for Branches
    • Fault impedance for Bus and Branch faults
    • Utility new voltage actions for Voltage Ride Through – LVRT & HVRT
    • Generator frequency action
    • New frequency estimation method, with voltage blocking for frequency relay action
    • Inverter charging/discharging state
  • User-Define Dynamic Models™
    • UDM for Inverter with Norton / Thevenin Network Interface
    • Renewable Energy and Grid Forming Inverter Models
    • Enhanced UDM Model Library with Renewables

Cable Systems

  • Protective & Neutral Conductor Sizing:
    • BS 7671
    • IEC 60364
    • NF C15-100
  • Cable model forms based on BS 7671:2018+A2:2022
  • New conduit types and enhanced annotations for UGS
  • Maximum Possible Energy (based on SC conditions and PD settings)
  • Calculate the Energy Capability K2S2 for each conductor (Phase, Neutral, PE)
  • Built-in ampacity/capacity & derating factor tables based on methods of installation

Transportation, Railways

eTraX ™

  • Multiple train type categories & speed limits 
  • Skip trips stop at certain stations
  • Options for speed limit reaching time 

Data Exchange

  • Legacy Conversion Tools
    • SKM Import
      • Includes DC Systems
      • Improved automatic single-line diagram generation
    • EasyPower / ESA Import
      • Supports MCC Loads
      • Automatic single-line diagram generation
  • DataX™ AVEVA®
    • Data exchange with AVEVA Engineering 15.1 
  • DataX™ ESRI ArcGIS®
    • ESRI ArcGIS import in Universal Mapping
  • eXCAD™ – AutoCAD® DWG™ Exchange
    • Improved automatic single-line diagram generation from AutoCAD to ETAP 


Intelligent One-Line Diagram is the foundation for network visualization of electrical networks​

  • Result Animation​
  • Intelligent Single-Line Diagram – AutoComplete™ ​
  • Network Manager with Advanced Queries​
  • Flexible Equipment Symbol Resizing​
  • Enhanced Composite Networks​


Scripting & Study Automation using Python™

  • Integration of ETAP and Python scripting language
  • Run ETAP studies remotely and in parallel across machines
  • API expansion, including automation of
  • Switching Optimization
  • Unbalanced Short Circuit
  • Contingency Analysis
  • Detailed reference documentation (descriptions, example code)

etapAPI™ – ETAP RESTful API for Interoperability

  • Connect to ETAP from any device, any platform
  • ETAP now exposes its services over a REST API
  • Run Scenario API to support multiple “what if” commands
  • Secure connection (https) to DataHub™.
  • Readily implemented as a Python client in etapPy
  • Run scenarios, studies, get project data, all from your tools

Improved Compatibility & Security Compliances

  • Updated Equipment Editors
  • Improved high-resolution display support
  • More responsive and performance improvements throughout
  • Username & access role display on the application title
  • Copy textbox to clipboard for other applications

Digital Twin Elements

Foundation for network modeling of electrical networks

  • Active Filter with Harmonic Mitigation, Sizing & Unbalance Correction
  • Enhanced Controller to include Inverter dynamics
  • Transformer grounding impedance for 2-W, 3-W and Zigzag grounding transformers
  • Generator Breaker category based on IEC/IEEE 62271-37-013 Std
  • Slash Rating for LV ANSI Breakers
  • Individual-Pole Interrupting Rating for ANSI and IEC LV Breakers
  • Expanded SC Ratings for LV Breakers
  • Display of ZSI availability in LV Breaker Quick Pick
  • Increased number of DIF CT Inputs in Relays

Verified & Validated Equipment & Protective Devices Libraries

Over 12,000 ETAP Engineering Libraries added, including extensive protective device & equipment models from different manufacturers across the world.

ETAP Engineering Libraries include an extensive set of equipment manufacturers with thousands of models with new entries added in every release. These libraries are compiled based on the latest available standards and equipment data.  Every engineering library release goes through a Verification & Validation process to ensure and confirm that the technical accuracy is based on the equipment manufacturers’ publications. Read more

Operation & Automation Solutions


Operator Training Simulator

  • Efficient power system analysis by comparing graphical results from multiple studies
  • Advanced high-speed Python Framework
  • Available for all modules with plot-based reports
  • Automatic sizing & sub-plot arrangements
  • Tooltip & cross-hair based value tracking


Automated Fault Analysis System

  • Automatic fault information retrieval – COMTRADE
  • Fault type, impedance & location identification
  • Field data sequence of operation by relay, bay, substation & zone
  • Line positive and zero sequence estimation
  • Phasor, RMS, harmonics, power & frequency estimation
  • Model verification
  • Automatic event report generation with model-based & rule-based root cause analyses
  • Graphical visualization & reporting of fault location
  • Integrates with ETAP eProtect™ & Outage Management System (OMS)


Fault Location, Isolation & Service Restoration

  • Network components capacity evaluation
  • Forecasted affected area based on trouble calls
  • Fault location based on trouble call, FPI Signals and protection devices data
  • Integrated with etap AFAS engine
  • Automated isolation, partial restoration, and full restoration switching steps
  • Control inhibition on affected feeders
  • Integrated Switching Order Management
  • SLD and GIS Graphical Web/Workstation Displays


Situational Intelligence for Actionable Decision Making

  • Identifies potential problems under current conditions
  • Predicts system contingencies before operator actions
  • Validates continuously process changes and indicates out of normal conditions


Integrated Maintenance Management

An integrated asset management application providing engineers access to equipment information via mobile devices, create and manage work orders, and can access ETAP projects, including procedures, tests, and maintenance documentation.

  • Integrated Maintenance Management
  • Access Asset information via Mobile devices
  • Manage maintenance
  • Create and manage work orders
  • Integrated with ETAP Model
  • Include procedures, test, and maintenance documentation records

etap ADMS

Digital Twin Driven Planning, SCADA, DMS & OMS Integrated Solution

  • Volt/Var Optimization
    • Advisory / Supervisory Modes
    • HTML5 Visualization Dashboard
    • Reporting and Validation Charts
  • Outage Management System
    •  Crew Management
    • Dispatch App
    • CIS Integration
    • SOM Integration
    • Reclosure support


Electrical System Control and Data Acquisition

  • Electrical SCADA 
  • Large Tag Handling (100K+) with ICCP Driver 
  • Alarm Management
    • Email and SMS Notification & acknowledgement
    • HTML5 Interface
  • User Defined Reports
    • System Level
    • Shift Change
    • Alarm Reasons
    • Outage Summary

etap ADMS

Digital Twin Driven Planning, SCADA, DMS & OMS Integrated Solution

  • Volt/Var Optimization
    • Advisory / Supervisory Modes
    • HTML5 Visualization Dashboard
    • Reporting and Validation Charts
  • Outage Management System
    •  Crew Management
    • Dispatch App
    • CIS Integration
    • SOM Integration
    • Reclosure support

etap DERMS

Distributed Energy Resource Management System

  • Wind, Solar & Energy Storage
  • Grid Code Compliance
  • Integrated Hosting Capacity Analysis
  • Grid Operation & Optimization
  • DER Forecasting


Solution for AC & DC Railway Systems

  • Traction SCADA for Railways
  • Monitor Train Speed, Tractive Effort, Position & Power Consumption


Digital Twin Driven Microgrid Controller & EMS

  • Grid-Tied, Off-Grid & Networked Microgrids
  • Grid-Connected and Islanding Control & Management
  • POI Active & Reactive Power Control
  • Planned & Unplanned Islanding
  • Optimal & Rule-based Dispatch of Microgrid Resources
  • Black Start & Reconnect
  • Generation & Load Forecasting
  • Performance Testing & Validation


Digital Twin Driven Power Plant Controller & EMS

  • Control & Manage Hybrid Power Plants
  • POI Active & Reactive Power Control
  • Generation Optimization
  • Power Smoothing
  • Energy Storage Management
  • Performance Testing & Validation
  • SIL and HIL Testing and Simulation
  • Design & Operate for Grid Code Compliance

Cloud & Mobile Solutions


Web Based Thin Client Visualization & Management

  • HTML5/JS based Web Interface
  • Load Flow & Short-Circuit Simulations
  • Asset Management Interface
  • Real-Time Dashboard Integration
  • Reports and Work Orders


Modern internet facing application security

  • ETAP License Manager
  • Mobile Field Data Collection & Synchronization (etapAPP)
  • Network Project Management (NetPM)
  • ETAP Real-Time eSCADA HMI Viewer
  • ETAP Real-Time eWeb Browser Based Dashboards

etapAPP™ 7.0

Mobile Field Data Collection & Synchronization

  • Ergonomics
    • Interface layout optimized for tablet usability
    • Improved Dark Mode on the Android Platform
    • Custom colors for one-line diagram equipment
  • Comment Summary
    • Searchable list of textbox comments
  • New Element – Smart Inverter
    • Capture information for inverters and smart inverters and synchronize with ETAP.
  • Analysis Results
    • Validate collected data and get load flow results displayed graphically on the app. 

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