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ETAP Technical Webinars provide insights into the latest power systems topics, solutions, and industry applications.
Free live online and on-demand technical webinars are scheduled and offered on regular basis.
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Recent Webinars

Digital Twin Journey

Design & Operate - Continuous Digital Twin Journey

56:04 Webinars  
ETAP Digital Twin is an integral building block in all stages of an electrical system’s life cycle. Join & learn how you can leverage it for shortened design time, validation & transition of digital twin model to operations, early decision support, identification of operation problems & their cause, accelerated engineer & operator training, asset performance monitoring & optimization. 
Unified Protection & Dynamic Stability Webinar

Dynamic Response Analysis using UDM Scope Plot View

49:19 Webinars  
ETAP UDM is used to build complex control diagrams for machines & renewable energy systems via a graphical editor and includes solvers for simulating system dynamics. Learn how to use UDM Plot View to compare & analyze these dynamic simulation results from single or multiple cases in a quick & efficient manner.
ETAP Design Solutions Webinar Events

ETAP Power System Design Solutions

45:06 Webinars  
Learn about ETAP's one-stop solution with intelligent interface views and core capabilities to create, configure, customize, and manage the digital twin model of your electrical power system.
ETAP 20.6 Webinar

ETAP 20.6 New Features and Capabilities

44:37 Webinars  
As a major update to the ETAP 20 series, ETAP 20.6 offers impressive new solutions and features, including 100's of enhancements and time-saving improvements, as well as extensive additions to the equipment libraries.

eTraX™ – Railway Systems

41:59 Webinars  
This webinar introduces ETAP eTraX™, integrated solution for design, planning and operation of Rail Traction Systems. eTraX is utilized by railway owners, operators and engineering consultants to analyze, evaluate and monitor innovations and technologies utilized to increase energy efficiency, optimize substation capacity and improve train performance.  

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