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Arc Flash Auto-Evaluation

Advanced Analysis of Arc-Flash Incident Energy with Protective Device Coordination Study

Learn how to quickly evaluate arc flash incident energy with automated protective device coordination study to significantly reduce costly modifications and mitigation equipment. We will demonstrate the time-saving feature of ETAP Arc Flash software for automatic evaluation of C-area plots and equipment damage points.

May 27, 9:00 am PDT May 28, 9:30 am GMT+1


iDLS™ – Intelligent Distribution Load Shedding

Model-Driven Load Curtailment Solution for Distribution Networks

Learn how iDLS offers an intelligent model-driven load curtailment solution with optimization techniques to shed the minimum required distribution feeder loads based on reliability indices, quality of supply, and availability of distributed generation.

June 03, 9:00 am PDT June 04, 9:30 am GMT+1


DC Arc Flash Analysis

Recent DC Arc Flash Research and its Impact on ETAP Methods and Solutions

Learn about industry interpretations of different dc arc flash methods and how to perform reliable dc arc flash incident energy calculations using ETAP. Major improvements to ETAP’s DC Arc Flash Calculation methods such as the “Incident Energy Subtraction Method" and new Worst-Case Datablocks from the DC Arc Flash Result Analyzer are introduced.

June 10, 9:00 am PDT June 11, 9:30 am GMT+1


eMTCoSim™ - CoSimulation of Electromagnetic & Phasor Transients

Accurate and detailed Phasor (RMS) and Electromagnetic transients (EMT) studies

ETAP’s Transient Stability program and a dedicated ETAP eMTP software powered by PSCAD are combined to solve large, complex, and multi-disciplinary system models in high fidelity.

June 17, 9:00 am PDT June 18, 9:30 am GMT+1


ePPC™ – Power Plant Controller

Model-Driven Power Plant Controller & SCADA for Renewables

Model-driven power plant management & control system for visualization, predictive calculations, optimization and management of renewable power plants.

June 24, 9:00 am PDT June 25, 9:30 am GMT+1

Recent Webinars

Webinar about how ETAP 20 Release makes advances in data management, efficiency, flexibility, interoperability, asset modeling, and network analysis applications.

ETAP 20 - A Unified Digital Twin Platform

01:15:09 Webinars  
ETAP 20 Release makes advances in data management, efficiency, flexibility, interoperability, asset modeling, and network analysis applications. In this webinar, learn about some of the significant features and powerful capabilities that are a must have in your power system tool-set. 
Webinar about Intelligent Microgrid Management with ETAP - Part 1

Intelligent Microgrid Management - Part 1

49:25 Webinars  
ETAP's μGrid™ solution combines model-driven microgrid controller hardware with advanced power management software to unlock system resiliency, optimized cost, security, and sustainability for microgrid systems. Part I of the webinar series focuses on microgrid design and software-based validation.
Getting Started with ETAP - The Power of Digital Twin Webinar

ETAP Digital Twin: Design, Operation & Automation

35:12 Webinars  
An orchestration of model-driven design, real-time operation, and intelligent controls to achieve fast, proactive decision-making.
Webinar about how ETAP software manages Battery Energy Storage

Battery Energy Storage Systems

59:58 Webinars  
This webinar demonstrated how the integration of battery energy storage systems improves system reliability and performance, offers renewable smoothing, and can increase profit margins of renewable farm owners.
Webinar about how ETAP Intelligent Load Shedding Controller ensures fast, safe, comprehensive, & reliable operation by utilizing an electrical digital-twin

etap iLS - To Shed or Not To Shed

26:36 Webinars  
This webinar presents how ETAP ILS Controller ensures fast, safe, comprehensive, and reliable operation by utilizing an electrical digital-twin foundation with embedded predictive analytics, adaptive optimization algorithms, and action validation to make Faster than Real-Time decisions.

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