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eOTS™ - Operator Training Simulator

Accelerate Dispatcher Operation Training

Operator Training Simulators have become a key factor in better design and improved operation of plants. This webinar introduces ETAP eOTS, model-driven Power System Training Simulator which allows to improve and develop operator competency through a simulated learning environment on the actual system, from system simulation to operation.

Aug 12, 9:00 am PDT Aug 13, 9:30 am GMT+1


eMTP™ - Electromagnetic Transients Program

ETAP eMTP offers a dedicated Electromagnetic Transients Program for simulation and analysis of power system transients. In this webinar, we will demonstrate EMT simulations of AC power systems connected to power electronic interfaced renewables (both transmission or distribution levels), applications of FACTS devices, and synchronous condensers to mitigate network dynamic response concerns and representation of complex control systems.

Aug 26, 9:00 am PDT Aug 27, 9:30 am GMT+1

Recent Webinars


DC Arc Flash Analysis

1:07:08 Webinars  
This webinar discusses how well ETAP DC Arc Flash method results correlate with the test measured incident energies. The comparisons to be discussed include arc flash tests in photovoltaic and battery/rectifier powered systems. Furthermore, this webinar introduces major improvements to the DC Arc Flash calculation methods in ETAP 20; such as the “Incident Energy Subtraction Method" and new Worst-Case Datablocks from the DC Arc Flash Result Analyzer.

Motor Acceleration Studies

34:53 Webinars  
Learn how to perform Motor Acceleration Studies on any system, regardless of the project stage and available input data; from conceptual design, to FEED, to daily operations. Topics include Impact of Motor Starting, Data Requirements and Motor Parameter Estimation, Dynamic Motor Starting, Motor Acceleration using Transient Stability and Automated Motor Start and Result Analyzer.

eMTCoSim™ - CoSimulation of Electromagnetic & Phasor Transients

32:31 Webinars  
ETAP’s Transient Stability program and a dedicated ETAP eMTP’s Electromagnetic Transients Program are combined in eMTCoSim™ to solve large, complex, and multi-disciplinary system models in high fidelity.

Intelligent Distribution Load Shedding - iDLS

32:52 Webinars  
Learn how ETAP iDLS offers an intelligent model-driven load curtailment solution with optimization techniques to shed the minimum required distribution feeder loads based on reliability indices, quality of supply, and availability of distributed generation.

Arc Flash Auto-Evaluation

01:02:16 Webinars  
ETAP Arc Flash Auto-Evaluation allows you to quickly evaluate arc flash incident energy with automated protective device coordination study to significantly reduce costly modifications and mitigation equipment. The webinar demonstrates the automatic evaluation of C-area plots and equipment damage points.

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