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Webinar about Advanced Analysis of Arc-Flash Incident Energy during Protective Device Coordination Study with ETAP Software

Arc Flash Auto-Evaluation

Arc Flash Auto-Evaluation is based on the brand-new concept of C-area plots. C-area plots are a way to reference a target incident energy using thousands of input parameter combinations which aim to find worst-case conditions. This webinar includes a live demo of the automatic evaluation of C-area plots and equipment damage points, report viewers, and global evaluation rulebooks.

Oct 06, 9:00 am PDT Oct 07, 10:00 am GMT+1

Recent Webinars

ETAP Digital Twin Solution for Data Centers Thumbnail

ETAP Digital Twin Solution for Data Centers

1:13:51 Webinars  
Smart Data Center Solutions for integrated power system modeling, analysis, and simulation have become critical in design and operation of Data Centers. Making proper design decisions early on during the system planning stages is paramount for energy efficiency strategies, reducing the total cost of ownership and improving the reliability of engineering and facility operations. In this webinar, we will present ETAP's Digital Twin solution for integrated design, analysis, real-time predictive simulation, and operation of Data Centers.
Continuous Intelligence - Design & Operation

Continuous Intelligence - Design & Operation

18:36 Webinars  
ETAP Digital Twin represents virtual models of a real-world power system under various physical and operational conditions. ETAP offers an integrated Electrical Digital Twin platform enriched with intelligent solutions. ETAP Electrical Digital Twin is built on a multi-dimensional foundation, enabling efficient design, analysis, management, operations, and a complete digital transformation of projects while adapting to evolving system changes.
ETAP21-Webinar Events - Part 2

ETAP 21 Release Highlights Part 2 - Monitoring, Control, Automation & Management

53:45 Webinars  
In this webinar, we will introduce new features & solutions for Power System Monitoring, Control, Training Simulator, Situational Intelligence, Advanced Protection, Automation Analysis & Asset Management and Digital-Twin Driven Automation & Renewable Energy Power Management.
ETAP21-Webinar Events - Part 1

ETAP 21 Release Highlights Part 1 - Design, Analysis & Simulation

33:55 Webinars  
ETAP 21.0 offers a new set of integrated power analysis modules, electrical dimensioning capabilities, automation, and operations solutions. In this webinar, we demonstrate new Design, Analysis & Simulation Solutions & Features, plus many of the enhancements and time-saving improvements.
Digital Twin Journey

Design & Operate - Continuous Digital Twin Journey

56:04 Webinars  
ETAP Digital Twin is an integral building block in all stages of an electrical system’s life cycle. Join & learn how you can leverage it for shortened design time, validation & transition of digital twin model to operations, early decision support, identification of operation problems & their cause, accelerated engineer & operator training, asset performance monitoring & optimization. 

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