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Sep 21, 2023 2:00 AM - 3:00 AM * Multi-network Power Plant Controller for Renewable Energy Systems
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Recent Webinars

Track, Analyze & Reduce CO2 Emissions in Electrical Networks with ETAP Sustainability Analysis

14:02 Webinars  
Estimating carbon emissions, or the CO2 footprint, is a critical global concern due to its direct correlation to climate change. Governments worldwide are implementing initiatives and incentives to reduce CO2 emissions in various sectors, including generation plants, transmission and distribution grids, and industrial facilities.

Power, Efficiency, and Stability for Off-Grid Microgrid Control

20:52 Webinars  
Learn how the ETAP Microgrid Controller solution leverages an electrical digital twin from design to validation and automation of Off-Grid (permanently Islanded) Microgrids. In this session, active and reactive power control, optimal dispatch and secondary frequency control will be demonstrated.

Explore ETAP Power System Monitoring and Simulation (PSMS™)

26:41 Webinars  
 In today's dynamic power industry, staying ahead of challenges and ensuring optimal system performance is of paramount importance. ETAP PSMS addresses operations and maintenance issues, ensuring system reliability, resilience, and optimized performance. ETAP PSMS offers a comprehensive suite of lifecycle features, including SCADA, HMI, Trends, Monitored Alarms, Events, and Notifications, designed to empower your organization to monitor and operate power systems efficiently.

Learn about ETAP eSCADA - An Intelligent Alternative to Traditional SCADA

35:21 Webinars  
In recent years, more and more the electrical system generation, transmission, distribution and industrial networks are expanding, being digitized and penetrated with new technologies such as distributed generation.  Traditional SCADA solutions are no longer sufficient to support dispatchers and operators to efficiently make decisions during normal and emergency conditions.  ETAP eSCADA, based on digital twin technology, supersedes traditional SCADA’s by providing analytical solutions with operator friendly interfaces making data and recommendations available instantaneously. Yet, the system is designed to support complement standard SCADA functionality making it a complete solution.  This presentation will cover the capabilities of ETAP eSCADA for operating many different electrical networks.

How to maximizing Efficiency in Industrial Operations with ETAP AFAS

23:25 Webinars  
In Industrial applications, time is money. Quickly identifying faults and restoring assets is crucial to minimize downtime and costs. The ETAP AFAS (Advanced Fault Analysis Software) leverages disturbance records and telemetry data to locate faults and provide steps to restore assets while the fault is being addressed, increasing the chances of a quick resolution. Furthermore, ETAP AFAS seamlessly integrates several other ETAP software applications such as with the centralized relay management software (eProtect), eSCADA, and Intelligent Load Shedding (iLS) to provide a fully integrated solution for managing your industrial system. With this complete solution, engineers and operators can manage faults efficiently, minimize downtime, and maximize operational efficiency.

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