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How to Perform Grid Interconnection Studies for Compliance Requirements with ETAP Grid Code™

19:29 Webinars  
As the global power sector rapidly transitions toward sustainable energy, the importance of grid code interconnection studies becomes paramount. The manual analysis of grid codes can be time-consuming, involving intricate scenarios and strict compliance. ETAP Grid Code is a model-driven solution that includes software tools and control hardware to ensure local grid codes or standards compliance throughout the power system design and operations lifecycle. Additionally, ETAP’s unique Power Plant Controller (ePPC) along with its digital twin, ensures accurate evaluation and study of the system's actual performance to improve compliance and minimize risk.

How ETAP Microgrid Controllers manage the Red Sea Utility off-grid Microgrids in Tabuk

19:59 Webinars  
The Red Sea Utility Grid is in the Tabuk province of Saudi Arabia. The site is a vast 33,000 km2 of islands, lagoon, coastal plain and mountains with extremely diverse marine life and terrestrial landforms. The grid is divided into four off-grid microgrids. The focus of this presentation is about three of the microgrids that are very similar in size and operation. Each of these microgrids includes two PV generation (total 6 MW), two battery storages (total 5MW, ~18 MWh), and two emergency backup diesel generators (~ total 3.8 MW). The system is designed to achieve high reliability by having redundancy at various levels.

Utilizing ETAP Power Plant Controllers & integrated SCADA for Multi-Area Renewable Energy Systems

16:31 Webinars  
Large power plants are designed and operated to maximize reliability. This is typically done by having multiple points of interconnection and networked configuration. In case of a failure or loss of one point of interconnection, the plant can be reconfigured by closing a coupling breaker and transferring power to another point of interconnection. However, to ensure optimal operation of the power plant, it is important to have a reliable control system that can handle such real-time changes in system configurations. Traditional PLC-based and non model-driven control systems struggle with such real-time changes of the configuration. ETAP Power Plant Controller (ePPC) is a model-driven solution that simplifies the control and management of multi-area power systems. ePPC can handle real-time changes in system configurations, enabling the controller to adjust quickly to any changes in the power network, ensuring optimal operation of the power plant. Additionally, ePPC uses a digital twin concept that allows for easy configuration and simulation of different system setups. The use of the digital twin concept means that any errors can be identified and resolved before implementation, ensuring efficient and effective setup of the power plant. Overall, ePPC offers a valuable solution for controlling multi-area renewable energy systems, providing real-time control with simple setup and reliable operation. 

Track, Analyze & Reduce CO2 Emissions in Electrical Networks with ETAP Sustainability Analysis

14:02 Webinars  
Estimating carbon emissions, or the CO2 footprint, is a critical global concern due to its direct correlation to climate change. Governments worldwide are implementing initiatives and incentives to reduce CO2 emissions in various sectors, including generation plants, transmission and distribution grids, and industrial facilities.

Power, Efficiency, and Stability for Off-Grid Microgrid Control

20:52 Webinars  
Learn how the ETAP Microgrid Controller solution leverages an electrical digital twin from design to validation and automation of Off-Grid (permanently Islanded) Microgrids. In this session, active and reactive power control, optimal dispatch and secondary frequency control will be demonstrated.

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