ETAP 19 Release - Available Now

Delivering dramatically increased performance & productivity

IRVINE, Calif. – February 20, 2019 - ETAP® today announced the release of ETAP 19, a new platform for team-based engineering for simultaneous power system modeling and analysis.

ETAP 19 new products and major enhancements include the latest industry standards and innovative features for improved performance.  For more information visit

Modeling & Analysis

  • NetPM™ - Network Modeling & Management
  • DataX™ - New Interfaces & Conversion Tools
  • Arc Flash 1584-2018
  • HV Arc Flash Calculator
  • Arc Flash BGI/GUV-I 5188Calculator  
  • ArcFault  - High Voltage Arc Flash 
  • Ground Grid Soil Resistivity Calculator
  • Advanced Multi-Study Plotting
  • etapAPP™ 2.0 – Mobile Data Collection
  • eTraX™ Rail Traction Analysis - EN 50388 compliance
  • Incremental GIS data import support
  • Protection & Coordination - Report & Plots
  • 3200+ New Device Libraries
  • Python Scripting Support
  • One-Line Diagram Improvements


  • NetPM™ - Network Modeling & Management
  • PSMS™ - Power System Monitoring & Simulation
  • eSCADA™ - Model-Driven Control & Data Acquisition System
  • ADMS - Integrated SCADA + DMS + OMS
  • ILS™ - Intelligent Load Shedding System
  • DLS™ - Distribution Load Shedding System
  • MicroGrid Control System
  • Faster & More Secure Communication Protocols
  • ICE™ - RTU, Programmable Controller Hardware
  • ETAP Real-Time™ - Major Enhancements

ETAP 19.0 version is now available to all user for download from ETAP Help Desk. New customers and customers with lapsed licenses please contact for more information and pricing or request an online quote at

About Arc Flash IEEE 1584-2018

The new 2018 Arc Flash Hazard Analysis module complies with the new protection and safety standard IEEE 1584-2018 released in November 2018.  The new IEEE 1584-2018 model supersedes the IEEE 1584-2002 model. The development of this new edition of the standard has taken over fifteen years of work and is a result of thousands of hours of research, development and validation. ETAP has actively participated in the development and validation of this model to ensure its correct application in power system analysis software. Key features of ETAP Arc Flash IEEE-2018 include:

  • Comprehensive Equipment Enclosure with Templates & Configurations
  • Arc Flash Analyzer with “Worst Case” identification & data exports
  • Graphical display of SQOP (Sequence of Operation)
  • Arc Flash Mitigation via Light Detection, Pressure & Operational Delays

About ETAP NetPM™

ETAP NetPM offers a new multi-user platform for project execution and management, a time-saving tool for faster project delivery with an accurate model and best-study recommendations. To achieve this, information is shared throughout a project's lifetime between multiple engineering disciplines with a variety of different requirements, such as planning, protection, safety, stability, and operational departments.

Hundreds of hours can be saved with this efficient new multi-user platform for project execution and management. Key features of NetPM include:

  • Team-based Engineering collaboration in local networks or Cloud
  • Server-client application with multi-dimensional databases
  • Automatic and on-demand project synchronization with others
  • Information-exchange management for review and approval
  • An intelligent platform designed for engineers and managers
  • Enforces situational awareness among engineers

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