ETAP Introduces ArcFault™

ETAP high voltage Arc Flash analysis software in compliance with OSHA’s requirements for electric transmission & distribution utilities and renewable energy power system, specifically for calculating arc fault incident energy for 15 kV and above.

IRVINE, Calif. – July 18, 2018 - ETAP ArcFault™ analysis software aids the utility industry to comply with OSHA’s (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) arc flash requirements for performing arc flash incident energy analysis, selection of protective clothing, and other personal protective equipment for systems operating at from 1 kV to 1000 kV.

The software is designed specifically for calculating arc fault incident energy in electric transmission and distribution utilities, industrial and renewable energy power systems for 15 kV and above.

ArcFault calculation is recognized by OSHA as an available method that an employer may choose to predict the incident energy to which the employee would be exposed.

ArcFault simulates different types of arc faults in 3-phase and 1-phase systems without the need of externally calculating short-circuit currents and protective device operation time. The program automatically determines the minimum gaps, working distance, and minimum approach boundaries based on the system voltage, transient overvoltage conditions, and altitude correction factors.

ArcFault is fully integrated with Star™ protective device protection and coordination module utilizing time-current characteristic (TCC) curves and short-circuit calculations for balanced and unbalanced arcing faults.

ArcFault is a game-changing solution that expands the existing ETAP Arc Flash analysis suite, making it the premier ‘all-in-one’ software tool with AC and DC arc flash analysis for low, medium, and high voltage systems.

Key Features
  • Arc Flash Analysis for systems from 1 kV to 1000 kV
  • Open-air LG, LL and 3-Phase Arc Fault
  • 3-Phase Arc-in-a-Box - 15 kV to 36 kV
  • Auto-gap, working distance & auto-selection of minimum approach distance
  • Integrated with Star™ TCC curves
  • Altitude & transient overvoltage correction factors
  • Customizable equations & user-definable coefficients
  • Arc Flash Result Analyzer for worst-case incident energy
  • Designed for OSHA and NESC arc-flash analysis requirements
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