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Houston User Group Meeting, April 2017

The Houston User Group met April 10 to discuss SmartPlant® Electrical - ETAP Interface.

The SPEL-ETAP Data Exchange Interface allows owner operators and EPC companies to use ETAP for modeling, design, analysis and automation, and then integrate that data into SPEL to increase electrical efficiency for the construction, operation, and maintenance for the life cycle of a plant.

The technical Discussion (Bechtel & ETAP) covered:

  • Supported Versions
  • Data Exchange Workflow
  • Import / Export Rules
  • Supported elements between ETAP and SPEL
  • Mapping Elements electrical properties
  • ETAP – SPEL Cable Library Synchronization
  • Interface limitations
Miguel Sanchez-Diaz, Electrical Automation Lead OG&C - Bechtel
Igor Korokhov, Technical Lead (SPI/SPEL) - Intergraph
Raghu Veeraraghavan, Power Engineer - ETAP

Following the presentation, Users had the opportunity to share their experiences and cases studies and network with other ETAP Users.