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Houston User Group Meeting, September 2016

ETAP Harmonic Analysis module

This User Group Meeting focused on the ETAP Harmonic Analysis module, which provides users with the best tool to accurately model various power system components and devices under the presence of harmonic sources. The presentation gave an overview of the tools included with Harmonic Analysis module; Harmonic Load Flow, Frequency Scan analysis and Harmonic Filters & Sizing.


  •  Comply with IEEE 519 Standard
  • Total Harmonic Distortions (THD) for both bus voltages and branch currents
  • Typical IEEE harmonic sources library
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) harmonic modeling
  • Integrated with cable sizing in order to size cables based on harmonic load flow
  • Build-in single-tuned, high-pass, & band-pass harmonic filter models
  • User-expandable harmonic source library
  • Text output reports including harmonic violation flags
  • Graphical one-line display of harmonic results
  • Voltage & current harmonic spectrum plots

An open discussion followed the presentation, giving Users the opportunity to present case studies and exchange practical knowledge with other ETAP Users.