HVDC Transmission Link Software

VSC-HVDC Transmission System Modeling

Model and Simulate High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Transmission using Voltage Source Converter technology for power grids and offshore wind parks.

ETAP VSC-HVDC Transmission is used to simulate and analyze the transmission of AC and DC electrical power flow across the grid using unified power flow.


ETAP includes VSC-HVDC modeling in addition to the line commutated converter technology for Power Flow, Fault Analysis, Harmonics, Dynamic Stability analyses and more. ETAP HVDC simulation utilizes unified power flow where AC and DC network is solved simultaneously (not iterative AC/DC or sequential solution) allowing for faster convergence and precise snapshot or time series solution.

ETAP VSC-HVDC transmission link includes vendor specific control schemes and dynamic modes of operation. ETAP HVDC transmission link model includes HVDC station (rectification and inversion), DC grid and AC/DC coupling on either side of the converters.

HVDC Unified Load Flow

VSC-HVDC Transmission Software Key Features

  • Detailed rectifier & inverter modeling
  • Combination of AC-DC & DC-AC conversion system
  • Built-in control schemes
  • Inclusive transformer model
  • Easy-to-use integrated model
  • Accurate steady-state & dynamic modeling
  • Unified AC & DC solution in a single study

HVDC Link Software Capabilities

  • Power flow analysis model with multiple operating modes
  • Harmonic current injection modeling
  • Dynamic modeling for transient stability studies
  • Shut-off and restart modeling
  • Friendly graphical user interface