Protection & Dynamic – Transients Workshop - Professional

4-Day Live Online Workshop
Aug 21 - 25, 2023
Live Online, UAE
Fee: $ 2,500

This fee includes VAT.


Review and Practical Example

  • Overview and Minimum Requirements
  • Protection and Coordination Rule Book
  • Tabular and Graphical Analysis Viewer
  • Tabular and Graphical Reports
  • Procedure and Study Steps
  • Minimum Time Requirements for Coordination
  • Evaluation of Zone Selective Interlock Scheme

Review of Impact on Protection and Coordination with Practical Examples

  • Through Fault Current versus Bus Fault Current
  • STAR Sequence of Operation and Viewer
  • Normalized Mode in STAR View TCC and Shift Factors

Distance Relay - Model Specifc
R-X Characteristics Plots
Sliding Fault & Line Loadability
User-Editable Scheme Logic 

ETAP Overview
Introduction of Power Systems Transients & Dynamics
Synchronous Generators
Generator Control Basics
Power Transferring Capability
Swing Equation
Equal Area Criterion
Exciter and Dynamics
Governor and Dynamics
Power System Stabilizer (PSS)
Typical Transient Stability Studies

Critical Fault Clearing Time
Critical System Separation Time
Voltage / Frequency Relay Protection
Motor Dynamic Acceleration / Reacceleration
Generation Plant Local Load Effect
Transient Stability Study Example

Under-frequency load shedding study 
Intelligent Load Shedding Study
Bus (load) transferring study
Fast Bus / Load Transfer
Residual Bus Transfer

Fundamentals of Governor / Prime Mover Modeling
Creating a Governor Model in UDM
Debugging Techniques and UDM Governor Internal Actions
Governor Model Initialization Requirements
Creating Generic Dynamic Load Models

Fundamentals of Excitation System Modeling
Creating an Exciter / AVR Model
Creating Power Factor and Mvar Controllers
Creating a PSS Model

Fundamentals of Machine Parameter Tuning
Dynamic Parameter Estimation & Tuning
Machine Model Parameter Estimation & Tuning for Asynchronous Machines
MPET and DPET Examples

Workshop Description

  • The purpose of this Live Online 4-day advanced hands-on workshop is to develop a more thorough understanding of the capabilities of ETAP in regards to stability & dynamics of the system.
  • The topics covered in this workshop embrace fundamentals on power system dynamics and stability as well as induction and synchronous machine dynamics. Modeling of their associated control systems such as excitation/AVR, turbine/governor and PSS are discussed.
  • Additional topics include network and load modeling, steady-state and transient-state stability limits, simulation of system disturbances and actions, motor starting and acceleration, affects of system parameters, common transient stability studies such as critical fault clearing time, critical islanding time, protective device settings, bus transfer, load shedding, etc. Case studies from actual industrial and T&D systems will be provided and worked on.
  • Through the hands-on exercises using ETAP, the attendees will acquire the knowledge, skills, and experience to conduct power system dynamic and stability studies for their own systems.
  • This workshop does not include any refresher on fundamentals of power system modeling in ETAP.


  • Windows 10 Computer (i5+ CPU)
  • Reliable Internet access so attendee can connect to ETAP License server during workshop
  • Dual monitors are highly recommended.

Who should attend

  • ETAP Professional workshops are recommended for engineers who have taken prior ETAP workshops and/or are proficient in basic functionalities of ETAP. 
  • This series of workshops are to employ ETAP in more practical cases and how to fully utilize ETAP capabilities most efficiently to analyze the dynamic behavior of the systems. Recommended for users who have practical experience with the details of power system modeling, managing 3-dimensional database and utilizing device libraries in the ETAP application, as well as being familiar with performing the transient cases & dynamic analysis.


  • Fee: $ 2,500

This fee includes VAT.



Online ETAP Training
This workshop starts at 9:00AM, (GST).

Date & Time

Aug 21 - 25, 2023
10:00 PM - 6:00 AM
Time Zone: UTC




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