Protection & Device Coordination Analysis

3-Day Workshop
Jul 28 - Aug 6, 2021
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fee: $ 1,400
This workshop is conducted and taught in Spanish by the ETAP authorized representative: Raien Argentina S.A.
Day Morning Afternoon

Data Requirements
Motor / Load Modeling
Starting Devices / Categories
Static / Dynamic Motor Acceleration
Parameter Settings / Adjustment
Reports / Alerts / Plots

Overview of Induction Motor Nameplate
Induction Motor Model & Library
Induction Motor Load Model & Library
Estimating Motor Parameters Based in Nameplate
Parameter Estimation Tuning
Reports and Plots

Data Requirements
Protection Equipment Library
Protection & Selectivity Concepts
Protective Device Arrangements
Time-Current Characteristics

Protective Device Coordination utilizing Short Circuit
Parameter Settings / Adjustment
Sequence-of-Operation Study
Study / Device Setting Reports

Protective Device Coordination utilizing Short Circuit
Parameter Settings / Adjustment
Sequence-of-Operation Study
Study / Device Setting Reports Exercise
Auto Evaluation Concept & Application
Auto Evaluation Rule Book
Auto Evaluation of Protection & Coordination on Selected Zones
Errors, Alerts & Warnings

Transformer protection
Motor protection
Scenario & Study Wizards
Exercises Set-1
Generator protection
Feeder protection
Scenario & Study Wizards
Exercises Set-2

Capacitor & Reactor protection
Bus protection
Scenario & Study Wizards
Exercises Set-3

StarZTM introduction.
Single and sliding fault analysis.
Time state plots. Time distance characteristic plots.
Time distance resistance characteristic plots.  

Workshop Description

  • The purpose of this workshop is to develop an understanding of ETAP’s capabilities and analytical techniques to solve a variety of power system practical problems with an emphasis on System Protection. This hands-on workshop provides the skills, knowledge, and techniques necessary to become proficient in ETAP to conduct power system studies, from modeling to analysis.
  • This workshop comprises essential system studies such as power system protection and relay coordination using time-current curves. Dynamic and Static Motor Starting based on motor characteristics and load behavior will be explained.
  • An ETAP workstation is provided for each attendee.
  • This workshop will be conducted in Spanish.

Who should attend

  • Power engineers who wish to increase their skills using the ETAP application to perform system studies.
  • Current users seeking a refresher course.
  • Knowledge of power system engineering concepts is highly recommended for those attending this workshop.


Fee: $ 1,400

Cost does not include IVA
(20% Discount for customers with Active UUC)


Raien Argentina Office
Sala de Capacitación
Congreso 2171 Piso 5B
1428 Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

The training site is located 2km from Aeroparque Jorge Newbery and from the center will be able to bring the D line subway station Congress of Tucuman, or the siguentes bus lines: 152, 68, 59, 29.

Date & Time

Jul 28 - Aug 6, 2021
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Coffee break is included with the registration fee.


All travel and hotel arrangements are the responsibility of the attendees.


Raien Argentina S.A.
Congreso 2171 Piso 6
Buenos Aires, C1428BVE
+54 114 7019 316
+54 114 7019 316


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