Power System Analysis - Advanced

4-Day Live Online Workshop
Nov 16 - 19, 2020
Irvine, United States
Fee: $ 1,800

Day Morning Afternoon

Scenario Manager
Exercise / Result Analyzer

ANSI Calculation Method – Total Current vs. Maximum Thru
Transient Short-Circuit Concepts
Generator Circuit Breaker Application per IEEE C37.013

Sequence of  Operations (Normalize TCC)
Exercise / Auto-Evaluation

Data Requirements
Motor / Load Modeling
Starting Devices / Categories
Static / Dynamic Motor Acceleration
Parameter Settings / Adjustment
Parameter Estimation PE / M-PET
Reports / Alerts / Plots

Application Considerations for IEEE 1584-2018
Current Decay Method Applications
AF – Auto Evaluation – C-area Plots
Incident Energy Mitigation - Maintenance Mode

Incident Energy Mitigation – ZSI(P)
Incident Energy Mitigation – Differential, Light Detecting
Outside the Range of IEEE 1584-2018 – ArcFault (HV AF)
Arc-Flash Analysis for Renewable Energy Systems

Modeling & Data Preparation
Fast Bus Transfers (TS)
Exercise / Study Outputs

Harmonic Load Flow & Rulebook
Filter Sizing

Workshop Description

  • This 4-day live online interactive workshop is designated for existing ETAP users in order to take advantage of the full capabilities of the application to solve more complex power system problems.
  • This workshop covers a variety of advanced power system solutions for generation plants, transmission, and industrial applications and assumes participants are familiar with the fundamentals of power system modeling in ETAP.
  • This workshop does not include any refresher on fundamentals of power system modeling in ETAP.

NOTE:  This workshop starts at 9:00 AM, Pacific Standard Time (PST).


  • Windows 10 Computer (i5+ CPU)
  • Reliable Internet access so attendee can connect to ETAP License server during workshop
  • Dual monitors are highly recommended.

Who should attend

  • ETAP advanced workshops are recommended for engineers who have taken prior ETAP workshops and/or are proficient in basic functionalities of ETAP.
  • This series of workshops are to employ ETAP in more complex cases and learn how to fully utilize ETAP capabilities to conduct advanced studies more efficiently.
  • This course is recommended for users who have practical experience with the details of power system modeling, managing 3-dimensional database and utilizing device libraries in the ETAP application, as well as being familiar with performing the related study scenarios for the topics covered in this workshop.


  • Fee: $ 1,800

2.4 CEUs available by completing this workshop.


Online ETAP Training
This workshop starts at 9:00 AM, Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Date & Time

Nov 16 - 19, 2020
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM




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