Power System Protection, Safety and Operation

Half-Day Seminar
Mar 25, 2019
College Station, United States

This event is part of the Pre-Conference program of the Annual Conference for Protective Relay Engineers at Texas A&M University.

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This presentation will cover the fundamentals of Differential Protection applied to power transformers, buses, and lines. We will demonstrate how ETAP models Differential Protection and introduce upcoming enhancements including:

- Differential Protection settings and logic identical to the ones provided by relay vendor
- Evaluation of Differential Protection performance within load flow, short circuit, and transient stability analyses
- Differential Protection Plot: Characteristic, operation, and measured differential and restraint currents
- Handling of dynamic bus configuration

Open-Air Arc Faults – 1 - 800 kV, NESC C2
Arc-in-a-Box – 15 to 36 kV
Line-Ground, Line-Line, 3-Phase Arc Faults
User-Definable Clearance with TOV
Auto Determination of Clearing Time
Protective Device Sequence-of-Operation

Learn how to turn an ETAP model into an Electrical SCADA and HMI to monitor, simulate and control devices.

  • Adding metering devices such as RTU, Relay Online Measurements, etc into your ETAP Model

  • Integrating meter device measurements into ETAP SCADA Integrator database

  • Getting ETAP model to display online data

  • Validating online measurements on ETAP model from an electrical view

  • Predictive Simulation with online or historical data

  • Customizable On Demand Reports from online data


Event Description

This free technical seminar provides an overview of ETAP’s latest Protection & Coordination modules for design and analysis as well as power distribution Monitoring & Control for operations. 

Registration opens at 12:30 pm, presentation starts at 1 pm.

Who should attend

ETAP seminar is a free technical presentation beneficial to consultants, engineers, managers, operators, of any industry dependent on electrical energy such as Electrical Distribution & Transmission Networks, Smart Grids, Microgrids, Data Centers, Renewable Energy Facilities, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Marine, and Metals & Mining.


  • Fee: $0

This event is free and registration is required. Seating is limited, register early.


Texas A&M University
Room: Rudder Tower 501
College Station, TX 77843

Date & Time

Mar 25, 2019
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Coffee break, no lunch.


All travel and hotel arrangements are the responsibility of the attendees.


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