Protection & Device Coordination Analysis

3-Day Workshop
May 29 - 31, 2017
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fee: $ 1,600
This workshop is conducted and taught in Spanish by the ETAP authorized representative: Raien Argentina S.A.
Day Morning Afternoon

Data Requirements
Motor / Load Modeling
Starting Devices / Categories
Static / Dynamic Motor Acceleration
Parameter Settings / Adjustment
Reports / Alerts / Plots

Overview of Induction Motor Nameplate
Induction Motor Model & Library
Induction Motor Load Model & Library
Estimating Motor Parameters Based in Nameplate
Parameter Estimation Tuning
Reports and Plots

Data Requirements
Protection Equipment Library
Protection & Selectivity Concepts
Protective Device Arrangements
Time-Current Characteristics

Protective Device Coordination utilizing Short Circuit
Parameter Settings / Adjustment
Sequence-of-Operation Study
Study / Device Setting Reports

Protective Device Coordination utilizing Short Circuit
Parameter Settings / Adjustment
Sequence-of-Operation Study
Study / Device Setting Reports Exercise
Auto Evaluation Concept & Application
Auto Evaluation Rule Book
Auto Evaluation of Protection & Coordination on Selected Zones
Errors, Alerts & Warnings

Transient Stability Studies
Analysis of Single Machine Industrial System and Multimachine Industrial System
Exercises -1

Customer Damage Functions
Quantitative “Cost-Versus-Reliability” Trade-Off Studies (IEEE Gold Book)

Methods of Improving Transient and Small-signal Stability
Generator Start-Up
User-Defined Dynamic Models
Dynamic Parameter Estimation & Tuning

Workshop Description

  • The purpose of this workshop is to develop an understanding of ETAP’s capabilities and analytical techniques to solve a variety of power system practical problems with an emphasis on System Protection. This hands-on workshop provides the skills, knowledge, and techniques necessary to become proficient in ETAP to conduct power system studies, from modeling to analysis.
  • This workshop comprises essential system studies such as power system protection and relay coordination using time-current curves. Dynamic and Static Motor Starting based on motor characteristics and load behavior will be explained.
  • An ETAP workstation is provided for each attendee.
  • This workshop will be conducted in Spanish.

Who should attend

  • Power engineers who wish to increase their skills using the ETAP application to perform system studies.
  • Current users seeking a refresher course.
  • Knowledge of power system engineering concepts is highly recommended for those attending this workshop.


Fee: $ 1,600

The training site is located 2km from Aeroparque Jorge Newbery and from the center will be able to bring the D line subway station Congress of Tucuman, or the siguentes bus lines: 152, 68, 59, 29.


Upgrade Work
Av. Congreso 2171 1º Piso, Capital Federal
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Date & Time

May 29 - 31, 2017
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Two coffee break services and lunch are included with the registration fee.


All travel and hotel arrangements are the responsibility of the attendees.


Raien Argentina S.A.
Congreso 2171 Piso 6
Buenos Aires, C1428BVE
+54 114 7019 316
+54 114 7019 316


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