Power System Analysis

3-Day Workshop
Jan 23 - 25, 2017
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Fee: $ 1,490
This workshop is conducted and taught by the ETAP authorized representative: Future Technology Ltd.
Day Morning Afternoon

ETAP Company Background
ETAP Global Offices
ETAP & Supporting Various Industries
ETAP & Power System Solutions
Quality Assurance, Technical Support & Trainings

ETAP Menu and Toolbars
Modeling of Power System Components
Manual / Auto Building One Line Diagram
Display Options
Themes and Color Codes
Project Revisioning
3-D Database (Presentation, Configuration, Revision)
ETAP Library Structure
Data Import / Export
Data / Project Management
Scenario Wizards

Cable Library
Motor Library
Transmission Line Library
Protective Devices Library
Create, Copy, Merge, Export Functions

Data Requirements
Calculation Methods
Load / Generation Modeling in Power System
Loading / Generation Categories
Diversity / Demand Factors
Parameter Settings / Adjustments
Reports / Alerts
Result Analyzer

ANSI Short Circuit Concept & Overview
Data Requirements
ANSI Calculation Method
1/2 Cycle, 4 Cycle, 30 Cycle Short Circuit
Device Duty Calculation
Three Phase Faults
Unbalanced / Ground Faults
Parameter Settings / Adjustments
Reports / Alerts
Result Analyzer

Review of Concept and Practical Example

  • Time Intervals for Overcurrent Coordination
  • Protective Device Type Consideration
  • Fault Types Consideration

Protective Device Coordination utilizing Short Circuit
Parameter Settings / Adjustment
Sequence-of-Operation Study
Study / Device Setting Reports

AC Arc Flash Concept & Overview
Calculation Methods (NFPA 70E and IEEE 1584)
Data Requirements
PPE Requirements
Parameter Settings / Adjustments
Effects of Short Circuit & Protection / Coordination
Reports / Alerts
Result Analyzer
Arc Flash Labels

Data Requirements
Motor / Load Modeling
Starting Devices / Categories
Static / Dynamic Motor Acceleration
Parameter Settings / Adjustment
Reports / Alerts / Plots

Workshop Description

  • The purpose of this 3-day introductory hands-on workshop is to learn power system modeling & analysis using ETAP software.
  • This workshop covers a range of ETAP functionalities used to solve various power system practical problems such as equipment sizing in steady state and short circuit conditions, motor acceleration scenarios, and protection & coordination in the system.   
  • An ETAP workstation is provided for each attendee.

Who should attend

  • New ETAP users and power engineers who wish to increase their skills using the ETAP application to perform system studies
  • Current users seeking a refresher course
  • Knowledge of power system engineering concepts is highly recommended for those attending this workshop


Fee: $ 1,490



Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Date & Time

Jan 23 - 25, 2017
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Light breakfast snacks, beverages, and lunch are included with the registration fee.


All travel and hotel arrangements are the responsibility of the attendees.


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