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Plan, Design, Operate, Optimize & Automate

Built upon a Continuous Intelligence Digital Twin Platform

ETAP 20.6 offers an impressive new set of integrated power analysis modules, electrical safety capabilities, and operational compliance solutions.

From advanced renewable energy modeling & compliance, safety & simulation tools, leading-edge co-simulation technology to model-driven real-time network management solutions, ETAP 20.6 addresses your requirements and industry needs.

ETAP 20.6 release includes new solutions & features plus 100's of enhancements and time-saving improvements supporting our customers with technology and best practices to be more:



Make all the right moves to improve safety



Maximize your power system reliability



Maximize your operational efficiency



Simplify and maintain regulatory compliance


What's new-tag in ETAP 20.6 - Highlights

Design & Analysis

Arc Flash

  • German Std. DGUV 203-077 (BGI/GUV-5188e)
    DC Arc Flash Calculator – Störlichtbogenberechnung 

Protection & Selectivity

  • Datablocks for Star Views
  • Scenario Wizard with Sequence of Operation 
  • User-defined transformer inrush piecewise curve
  • Parameter estimation for inrush equation curve 
  • Protective device Comments in Device Settings Report


  • Co-simulate Phasor and Electromagnetic Transients with ETAP eMT
  • Create & run scenarios with ETAP Study Wizards
  • Magnetization flux estimation based on equation
  • Peak envelope & RMS magnetization current plot

Data Exchange

  • Accelerate design & generate digital design deliverables from ETAP to AutoCAD
  • Improved automatic single-line diagram generation from AutoCAD to ETAP
  • Streamline Bi-Directional Data Exchange with AutoCAD® DWG™
  • Improved automatic single-line diagram generation from legacy tools to ETAP
  • Import & automatic single-line diagram generation from CIM XML with CGMES Profile
    • Exchanges of data necessary for regional or pan-European TSO development studies
    • Support IEC technical specification (TS) based on the IEC CIM family of standards
    • Automatic Single-Line generation
    • Support applications including load flow & short circuit calculations
  • Improved Conversion from Legacy SKM, EasyPower® & DigSilent

ETAP Application

  • Live plots & graphical result visualization
  • PlotView for Voltage Stability Analysis
  • PlotView for Synchronous Generator Capability Curve
  • Compare plot results from multiple scenarios
  • User-defined Python™ scripted plots
  • Load Flow and Unified Load Flow distance-based plots
  • ETAP-Python™ Scripting & Program Automation
  • API expansion including
    • Device addition & deletion
    • Get & Set device engineering properties
    • Get element service condition, and more
  • Color coding elements based on Data Revisioning
  • Page Break preview
    • Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish


    • Automated grid code evaluation of harmonic distortion and resonance per ENA Engineering Recommendation G5/5 (United Kingdom) 
    • Solar Estimation for One & Two Diode Models
    • Comprehensive Solar Panel Library (400+ Vendors)

    Cable Analysis

    • Cable ElectroMagnetic Field Calculator
    • Evaluates the magnetic flux density at any point for compliance with relevant EMI/EMC standards
    • Plot magnetic flux density versus position

    Engineering Libraries

    • Expanded Engineering Libraries (1,000+ Devices)

    Operation & Automation

    Operate & Maintain

    • Operator Training Simulator
    • Advanced Fault Analysis System


    • Microgrid Controller & Energy Management System
    • Renewable Power Plant SCADA & Controller

    Cloud & Mobile

    • Centralized Web-Based Protection Solution
    • Network Project Management
    • Mobile Field Data Collection & Synchronization

    Design Solutions for
    Simulation & Analysis


    DC Arc Flash

    Reduce Risk, Improve Safety & Enforce Compliance based on German Std.

    Identify and analyze high-risk arc flash areas with greater flexibility by simulating and evaluating various mitigation methods. 

    • DC Arc Flash Calculator with Two Methods:
      • DGUV-I 203-077 – Worst Case (Max Power)
      • General (Iterative) – Based on Stokes
    • Shunt and Series DC Arc Fault Types
    • Batch Import and Export for 1000’s of Locations
    • DC AF Custom Label Generation
    • PPE Evaluation based on VDE 0682-306-1-2 or User-Defined Energy Levels
    • Typical Input Data for Diff. Equipment Types
    • User-Defined Power Coefficient kP
    • Electrode Material Correction Factors
    • Boundary Plots & Intuitive Easy-to-Use Interface
    • Export Results to CSV and MS Excel

    Magnetic Field Exposure

    Public Safety Magnetic Field Exposure Evaluation

    • Based on CIGRE JTF 36-0121
    • Exposure to Surface Magnetic Fields from Underground Conductor Installations
    • Evaluates Field Intensity Limits Per IEEE C95.6-2002, ICNIRP – 2010 and ACGIH – 2002
    • Handles Conductor & Sheath AC & DC Currents
    • Allows user-defined Permeability CF
    • Raceway cable location depth view
    • Graphical data visualization with single and multiple plots
    • Integrated with Underground Raceway Systems, Load Flow and Unified Load Flow modules

    Perform accurate and detailed multi-domain Phasor (RMS) and Electromagnetic transients (EMT) studies with ETAP Transient Stability and eMTP. Simulate large networks in high-fidelity.

    • Single-domain or multiple-domain co-simulation
    • Watch your transient simulations in action with Live Charts for multiple components & variables
    • Multiple CoSim elements per bus & multiple CoSim buses
    • Graphically boundary data charting using rich Python-based plots
    • Support for CoSim from ETAP Study Wizard


    Automated Grid Code Compliance

    Objective assessment of grid connection for generating plants, allows for TSO/DSO based grid connection studies, design and dimensioning of RES

    • Automated grid code evaluation of harmonic distortion and resonance
    • Compliance per ENA Engineering Recommendation G5/5 (United Kingdom)
    • Improved deliverables quality
    • Protective device Comments in Device Settings Report ü Enhanced transformer inrush simulation and TCC plot
    • TCC plot with Datablocks for embedded one-line
    • Enhanced simulation and plot of solid-state trip device
    • Device settings Datablock with settings unit selection
    • Device Design Assessment for breaker and recloser
    • Scenario Wizard with Sequence of Operation
    • Enhanced Current Transformer Saturation o
      • New Typical Data
      • Integrated with Short Circuit current calculations
    • Transformer inrush RMS plot
    • Equation-based inrush current analysis for Grid Code compliance
    • API to interface solar/ESS inverter & wind turbine dynamic models via user/manufacturer supplied DLL

    Operation Solutions


    Solution for relay settings change management to manage location, information, and settings throughout the lifecycle of protective relays and substation assets.

    • Increased data quality & access management
    • Automatic processing & relay settings file generation
    • Protection setting sync between a physical relay & ETAP Star PDC
    • Integrated with Advanced Fault Analysis System (AFAS)

    Improve and augment operator / dispatcher training for electrical systems through real-world practical learning and supports decision-making via "what-if" simulations for steady-state and dynamic system conditions.

    • ETAP-in-the-Loop system simulation
    • Training simulator for SCADA, PMS, EMS, ILS, DMS & OMS
    • Instructor to multi-trainee environment with ad hoc & pre-defined scenarios
    • Evaluation of trainee performance & continuous learning environment
    Advanced Fault Analysis System


    Advanced Fault Analysis with Accurate Fault Location

    Operational and decision-support analysis software to accurately simulate fault transients of distribution systems to improve fault location accuracy.

    • Fault information retrieval – COMTRADE
    • Field data sequence of operation by relay, bay, substation & zone 
    • Fault type, impedance & location identification 
    • Line positive and zero sequence estimation 
    • Phasor, RMS, harmonics, power & frequency estimation 
    • Model verification 
    • Automatic event report generation with model-based & rule-based root cause analyses 
    • Graphical visualization & reporting of fault location 
    • Integrates with ETAP eProtect™ & Outage Management System (OMS) 

    Automation Solutions

    Microgrid Control

    An integrated model-driven design software and control hardware solution to develop, simulate, optimize, validate, and control microgrids. 

    • Optimal and rule-based dispatch 
    • Grid active and reactive power interchange control 
    • High speed intelligent adaptive load shedding for seamless islanding 
    • Planned islanding 
    • Black start & system restoration considering inrush currents 
    • Active and Reactive power control to meet grid codes 
    • Optimize, tune & hot-swap logic 
    • Generation & load forecasting 
    • Control validation via real-time simulation 

    Model-driven renewable power plant control and management with SCADA visualization, predictive analysis, optimization and forecasting. 

    • Design & operate to balance grid code compliance & power plant performance 
    • Active power and reactive power control 
    • Mange capacitor banks, switch capacitor, statcom & energy storage 
    • Soft start & stop, renewable curtailment & renewable smoothing 
    • Intelligent & centralized renewable farm control 
    • Renewable energy SCADA & dashboards 

    Cloud & Mobile Solutions

    Network Project Modeling & Management

    Network Model Management platform for collaborative engineering using smart management tools.

    • Improved synchronization of composite network elements
    • Automatic synchronization of OLV with Split Bus across multiple projects
    • Synchronization of project settings
    • Optimized supervisory control for split bus
    etapAPP 3.0

    Increase accessibility to ETAP projects for data collection and verification with the updated version of etapAPP™, a tablet application made for field engineers.

    • Improved international character set support
    • Improved locating net segment control for split bus
    • Find elements based on property value & device type
    • Auto backup and recovery

    Digital Twin
    Application Platform


    ETAP Application

    Improved Compatibility & Security Compliances

    • Improved high-resolution display support
    • More responsive and performance improvements throughout

    ETAP One-Line Diagram is a user-friendly interface for creating and managing the network database used for schematic network visualization.

    • Color coding of elements with engineering data revisioning
    • Graphically display Lock symbol per Element based on Data Lock
    • Datablock color fill
    • Improved circuit tracing
    • Page Break preview directly on the one-line diagram
    • Transfer switch mirror connections and auto insertion of nodes
    • Enhanced Device Info Annotation
      • Optimal default position
      • Annotation rotation – undo/redo
      • Alignment tools – Left, center, right & vertical spacing

      Get a live insight into the study results using PlotView, including user-configurable visualization and export capabilities.

      • PlotView for Voltage Stability Analysis
        • P-V Curves
        • V-Q Sensitivity
      • Embedded PlotView for live insight on a one-line diagram for Transformer Inrush
      • PlotView for Synchronous Generator
        • Capability Curve
        • Fuel Cost Profile

      DataX - AutoCAD® DWG 

      Streamline your work and enhance productivity with CAD

      Utilize CAD/Dwg file import & export with ETAP to allow for synchronization between engineering, construction, and maintenance teams.

      • Import CAD/Dwg to ETAP
        • Automatically generate a one-line diagram
        • Intelligently generate default mapping
        • Customize scaling factor and margin
      • Export CAD/Dwg from ETAP one-line diagram
        • Automatically generate ETAP blocks
        • Customize color for annotation & Datablock


      Compare & analyze graphical plot results in a single view

      Get a live insight into the study results using Plot Analyzer, including user-configurable visualization and export capabilities.

      • Efficient power system analysis by comparing graphical results from multiple studies using advanced & high-speed Python framework for charting
      • Load Flow plots for Simulation Results vs. Distance
      • Multiple Selection Plot List for Transient Stability and Motor Starting
      • Synchronous Generator Capability Plot View
      • Cable Operating Voltage, Current and Angle by Phase Type
      • Motor circuit protector calculated trip amps for LVCB


      ETAP RESTful API for Interoperability

      Web services-based architecture for ETAP to interact with other complementary applications through data messaging 

      • Connect to ETAP from any device, any platform
      • ETAP now exposes its services over a REST API
      • Readily implemented as a Python client in etapPy
      • Run scenarios, studies, get project data, all from your tools

      Feature-rich ETAP-Python API and IDE for creating and executing Python scripts

      • Integration of ETAP and Python scripting language
      • Feature-rich Python editor for running Python scripts
      • Python API to run studies and generate output data reports
      • Run ETAP studies remotely and in parallel across machines
      • Customized Excel output reports using Python report generation for various modules
      • Detailed reference documentation (descriptions, example code)
      • API expansion including:
        • Device addition & deletion
        • Get & Set device engineering properties
        • Clear Message Log
        • Access active scenarios
        • Get user info, language, zoom level, etc.
        • Get element service condition, and more
      Engineering Libraries

      Industry-standard for the most comprehensive V&V engineering equipment libraries. The latest library updates are included with every release & available for download from ETAP Help Center™.

      • Solar/PV Array Library
        • Expanded 16,000+ PV Models
        • Solar/PV Parameter Estimation based on one & two diode models
        • Graphical display P-V & I-V characteristics
      • Expanded LV Circuit Breaker modeling capability
      • New Protective Device models (13,000+)

      Project Tracking & Gantt 

      Project & Task Management Made Easy

      Utilize built-in task management and Gantt chart features to track tasks and progress of your system study projects directly in ETAP.

      • Show Today’s date as an automatic marker
      • Settings editor to improve look & feel for:
        • Today’s date marker
        • Row background
        • Days Off / Weekends
        • Individual task, completed task & task groups
      • Import of ETAP study scenarios and automatic task creation
      • SKM Import
        • Improved one-line diagram layout, rotation & element mapping
        • Automatic creation of Split-Bus including location and length
        • Optimized creation of multi-function relays
        • Node and bus creation logic based on number of connections
        • Copy/paste support in library mapping for fuses, LVCBs and relays
        • Additional data exchange support for
          • Three-winding transformer data import
          • Power factor & efficiency for multiple loading

      ETAP 20.6 Webinar


      ETAP 20.6 New Features and Capabilities


      As a major update to the ETAP 20 series, ETAP 20.6 offers impressive new solutions and features, including 100's of enhancements and time-saving improvements, as well as extensive additions to the equipment libraries.

      Download Full Release from ETAP Help Desk.

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