Microgrid Management & Control

ETAP Microgrid Solution

Integrated Power System Simulation, Planning, Protection & Real-Time Microgrid Master Controller

ETAP Microgrid solution combines distributed energy technologies with an intelligent software to both monitor, predict, manage and optimize energy supply & demand for a small-scale energy system.

ETAP Microgrid solution includes a microgrid master controller combined with hundreds of years of technical expertise in power systems that can be called on, not just to design, but also deploy a microgrid solution.


ETAP Microgrid Master Controller includes key functionality:

  • Detailed modeling, simulation and optimization of complex dynamic electrical systems
  • Predictive analysis and forecasting of loads and generation
  • Modeling of microgrid elements, including photovoltaic, energy storage devices, diesel generators, wind turbines, gas & steam generators, fuel cells, etc.
  • Fast Load Shedding, Automatic Generation Control and Demand Management
ETAP GIS Micro Controller
ETAP Microgrid Master Controller software allows for design, modeling, analysis, islanding detection, optimization and control of microgrids. Using ETAP Microgrid solution, you can build and validate your design using real-time information. ETAP Microgrid solution can be used for various systems such as commercial offices, retail parks, industrial facilities, mission critical data centers, university campuses, offshore facilities and ship systems, etc.

ETAP Microgrid Master Controller & Smart Grid

A mix of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) along with traditional generation can be included as part of the ETAP Distribution Management System (DMS) software offering a coordinated control between DMS and local microgrid master controllers. Since ETAP offers both strategies as part of the DMS solution, a common platform for DMS and microgrid master controller makes communication easier and effortless. ETAP DMS, together with the master controller, converts a passive network into an active distribution network with bi-directional control of power.

ETAP Microgrid Solution Wheel

ETAP Microgrid Economic Value Proposition

ETAP Microgrid solution lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) by reducing the cost of electricity (COE) as compared to the average electricity price. This is accomplished by directly impacting the capital & investment (C&I), operations & maintenance (O&M) and fuel costs.

ETAP impacts TCO ($/kWh) ↓ by lowering C&I ↓ + O&M ↓ + Fuel ↓

Capital & Investment
cost is lowered by optimizing the following and eliminating the need for additional hardware during design phases.

  • Power & Thermal Optimization
  • Volt / Var Optimization & Control
  • State Estimation & Load Allocation

Operations & Maintenance cost is lowered by ensuring that supply and demand are met at all times within the electricity price the consumer is willing to pay. For example, by minimizing peak demand, a typical commercial consumer can save up to 50% on his electricity costs per month.

  • Demand Management / Peak Shaving / TOU Shifting
  • Fast & Optimal Load Shedding of Essential & Non-Essential Load
  • Operator Training “Go/ No Go” via Real-Time Simulation

Fuel costs can be minimized by utilizing ‘free’ distributed energy resources such as photovoltaic and other forms of energy storage devices while ensuring the stability and reliability of the electrical power system. Generation optimization & dispatch from electrical & thermal perspective also helps reduce overall fuel cost.