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On May 3, 2007, ETAP was awarded a GSA Schedule 70 contract, Contract Number GS-35F-0416T. This GSA schedule offers a broad range of information technology, including software solutions, and technical and professional services, and is valid until May 2, 2017.

The contract allows ETAP to be listed on the GSA schedule and sell ETAP products directly to government agencies. The inclusion of ETAP as a GSA Schedule Vendor allows government customers to obtain special and approved pricing and license terms from a trusted vendor.

ETAP has been serving the federal government for more than 15 years, providing a variety of technology and business solutions to the Department of Energy, NASA, Department of Defense, Army Corps of Engineers, Navy, Air Force, and civilian agencies.

The United States Government Institutions and its Armed Forces are most cognizant of the strategic importance of a healthy electric power system. These electrical systems play a vital role on existing as well as next generation combat and transport vehicles. Designers and engineers working on these cutting-edge projects demand a software solution that would enable them to conceptualize their model, simulate the integrity and security of the system, analyze the results with accurate reports and manage the electrical system with added real-time capability. ETAP meets these needs. With modules like Intelligent Load Shedding to optimize load preservation onboard vehicles, ETAP can reduce downtime for critical loads and provide a robust load management system through its use of a highly evolved neural network.

Benefits of Using the GSA Federal Supply Service (FSS) Schedules

  • Reduces time to acquire services and products
  • Basic terms and conditions are already negotiated
  • Leverages the government's collective purchasing power to obtain the best quality, prices and terms
  • Avoids the need to make individual agency contracts
  • Satisfies full and open competition requirements when ordering procedures are followed
  • Orders count toward satisfying socio-economic goals for the agency
  • Enables the establishment of blanket purchase agreements and contract team agreements
  • Yields substantial administrative savings in time, resources, and money

We are constantly adding products and services to the GSA schedules to keep the technology current and to offer the best price/performance in hardware and software products. Along with the superior product suite, the GSA schedules also provide installation and maintenance services that can assist users in planning and implementing a solution or system. Any Government agency can buy from these schedules.

Who Can Purchase

Any Federal or Civilian agency. For pricing please refer to the GSA Advantage system and search for GSA Schedule contract number GS-35F-0416T.

Program Contact

For ordering questions or additional information on our products and services, contact:

Melissa Augustine
Operation Technology, Inc.
Phone: (949) 900-1000
Fax: (949) 462-0200