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Wizards & Macros

ETAP Wizards - Scenario, Study, Project
ETAP includes a time saving project management tool known as ETAP Wizards, which enables you to record and run any desired study at any time. The ETAP Wizards consists of a Scenario Wizard, a Study Wizard, and a Project Wizard, which are described below in detail.


Scenario Wizard

Every project file contains a Scenario Wizard. Scenarios are created and recorded in the Scenario Wizard and can be run individually at any time. A project may have an unlimited number of scenarios. Scenarios are composed of the following parameters:

  • Presentation (one-line diagram, underground systems, control systems diagram)
  • Configuration
  • Data revision (base or revision data)
  • Analysis type (load flow, short circuit)
  • Study type (line-to-ground fault, dynamic motor acceleration, frequency scan)
  • Study case (solution parameters such as loading categories, generation categories, diversity factors, alert settings)
  • Output report name

When a scenario is executed in a project, it will automatically create an output report or overwrite the existing report of the same name.

Multi-Dimensional Database

Study Wizard

Every project file also contains a Study Wizard. The Study Wizard enables you to sequentially group existing scenarios into Study Macros. A project may have an unlimited number of Study Macros.

Running the defined Study Macro will run all of the scenarios associated with it and create or overwrite the output reports similarly to that of the Scenario Wizard.

For example, you could group scenarios related to Load Flow or a specific type of Load Flow into one Study Macro.

Project Wizard

The Project Wizard is project independent and is saved within the ETAP folder. It enables the user to group existing Study Macros into Project Macros.

The Project Wizard allows running Project Macros for one or multiple project files. This feature automates opening and closing project files and individually executing Study Macros and scenarios.



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