Transmission Power Flow Software

Transmission Power Flow

Transmission Power Flow Analysis

ETAP Distribution Load Flow Analysis module calculates the bus voltages, branch power factors, currents, and power flows throughout the electrical system.
ETAP allows for swing, voltage regulated, and unregulated power sources with multiple power grids and generator connections. It is capable of performing analysis on both radial and loop systems. ETAP allows you to select from several different methods in order to achieve the best calculation efficiency.


Transmission Power Flow Software Key Features & Capabilities

  • Unbalanced power flow using real-time operating data from State Estimation
  • Machine/transformer various grounding types
  • Modeling of transformer winding connections
  • Transmission line coupling between phases of one line & multiple lines
  • Loads of constant power, constant impedance & constant current
  • Transformer load tap changers (LTC / regulators)
  • Swing, voltage regulated, & unregulated power sources
  • Auto-adjust voltage regulator settings
  • Current-injection method
  • Make changes to your system & re-run studies instantly
  • Conduct unlimited “what-if” studies within one database 100,000+ bus capability
  • Multi-CPU calculation capability for blazing calculation speeds for complete network
  • Single-phase & unbalanced 3-phase modeling
  • Unbalanced & nonlinear load modeling
  • Phase & sequence voltage, current, & power
  • Voltage & current unbalance factors
  • Automatic device evaluation
  • Machine internal sequence impedances

The ETAP Distribution Load Flow can operate in an offline mode utilizing user defined loading and generations. ETAP Distribution Load Flow also interfaces with the online mode utilizing the status of the real-time system and estimated loading as well as voltages from the state and load estimation calculations in Real-Time mode.

A robust and efficient power flow solution method must be able to model special features of distribution systems with sufficient accuracy. With ETAP Distribution Load Flow module, you can easily model your unbalanced system with detailed representation of component unsymmetrical characteristics. Accurate and reliable results are available describing your system’s unbalanced operating conditions.



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