Switching Optimization

Switching Device Interlock Enforcer

Switching Device Interlock Enforcer - SIE

Software to implement interlock schemes required during special system operating conditions (including maintenance and outage modes)
Switching Device Interlock Enforcer
Save time by simulating scenarios that are unnecessary due to existing interlocks. The interlock logic can work with metering devices and take actions based on measured Real-Time data, or simulation results, using Load Flow and Switching Sequence Management modules

SIE Key Features

  • Auto enforcement of switching interlock logics
  • Automatic pre-switching & post-switching logic verification
  • Interlock based on switching devices positions
  • Interlocks based on load flow results, power flows and voltages
  • Automatic interlock conflict checking
  • Ability to model cascade control of switching devices
  • Active monitoring of switching interlock violations
  • Switching plan validation against hazardous actions
  • High Voltage Circuit Breaker Editor



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